Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1139

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Chapter 1139

That waste is so bold?

This is crazy. If the King of Blood Prison knows that someone is impersonating him, the whole of Jiangnan will be in a disaster.

That waste is bringing disaster to the Bai family!

“What rubbish! What a poor Bai family is! How dare he abolish my Huangfu family heir, this is a declaration of war with my Huangfu family!”

Huangfuzheng slapped the table furiously:

“From now on, our Huangfu family and Bai family will be enemies!”

And aside!

Sima Longming also sank, and shouted violently:

“Dare to impersonate the great Dark Emperor, Shaun must die!”

Hearing this, Sima Yan’er was immediately stunned, imaginatively defending:

“What if Shaun is really the dark emperor? As the wise general of the dark emperor, he can’t possibly admit the wrong person.”

“Shut up!”

Sima Longming scolded angrily, his expression extremely tense: “Are you trying to say that the Dark Emperor is a waste son-in-law of Bai Family?”

Such an insult to the dark emperor, if the emperor came to know, our Sima family will not escape death.

Sima Longming then stared at Sima Yan’er coldly and said:

“The dark emperor Shenlong sees the head but does not see the end, even if he is a close friend, few have seen his true face, and people may admit the wrong person!”

At this moment, Huangfuzheng waved his hand:

“There is no need to argue, is he the dark emperor, just ask Master Mad God for verification, don’t you know?”

Upon hearing this, Sima Yan’er suddenly became nervous to the extreme, because she knew that as long as she asked Lord Mad God for verification, her illusions would be completely shattered!

And upon hearing this, Huangfuxuan and Situ Hongrui laughed together, gloating in their hearts.

Because they all know that as long as the Lord Mad God knows that someone is posing as the Dark Emperor, then the Bai family must be blood bathed!

Shaun must die!

Then, under everyone’s horrified gaze, Huangfu Zheng dialed the video call, which was quickly connected on the huge screen!

A majestic figure like a mountain suddenly appeared in front of everyone!

A blood-colored battle armor shawl, a closer look, the battle armor is blood-stained, and the throne under him is also made of human skulls!

He is full of tragic and violent auras, which makes the scalp numb at the first glance!



In an instant, everyone knelt down, their expressions were extremely nervous, and they all shouted:

“All Huangfu’s family sees Lord Mad God!”

“All the Sima family sees Lord Mad God!”.

The man on the other end turned his head, and everyone saw a pair of scarlet eyes, like a demon looking back, staring at them firmly.

“I asked you to photograph the heart of the sea blue, have you photographed it?”

As soon as this remark came out, the expressions of both families became stiff!

Huangfuzheng said with a frightened expression:

“I’m sorry, Lord Mad God, that sea-blue heart was taken away!”

“What did you say!”

A violent roar, like a thunderous vibration, instantly tearing everyone’s eardrums!

Everyone there felt that their heads were buzzing!

Even if they were tens of thousands of kilometers away, they could feel the monstrous anger of the mad god of blood prison, and the two families were miserable.

“Heart of Hailan must belong to the queen, but your family couldn’t even solve this little thing?”

The blood prison mad god snorted coldly, and was extremely angry:

“In this case, there is no need for your two to exist.”


As soon as this statement came out, the two families suddenly broke apart, and a deep fear appeared on their faces.

Almost scared to pee!

The two Patriarchs also oozed their heads in fright, and pleaded all together:

“Master Mad God, spare our lives!”

“Master God, this matter has nothing to do with us. It was the waste son-in-law of the Bai family who pretended to be the dark emperor and deceived the Blood Lord, and then took the heart of Hailan!”


The audience was silent for an instant!

But this silence is the short silence before the storm!


Immediately, a terrifying roar resounded boldly.

The wall behind the blood prison mad god has instantly torn apart under his fist!

He has a terrifying face and roared violently:

“Dare to pretend to be my king, the Bai family…damn it!”

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