Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1141

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Chapter 1141

In less than a day, the news that the Huangfu family declared war on the Bai family spread throughout the south of the Yangtze River, shocking!

However, the most shocking thing is not the sudden unprovoked rotation of the two families, but the reason for it turned out to be… the mad god is angry!

Everyone immediately knew that the son-in-law of the Bai family dared to impersonate the king of the blood prison, the great dark emperor!

Therefore, the mad God of Blood Prison was completely angered, so that he will personally come to Jiangnan to crusade against the Bai family!

This news triggered a terrifying earthquake across the entire Jiangnan City!

Everyone knew that the Bai family will be removed from the Jiangnan giants forever!

They will no longer exist!

“That waste is just a broom star. His wife is such an intelligent woman, a big boss worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and she has hundreds of companies under her control, but she found such a waste.”

“The Bai family is too unlucky, pretending to be the king of the blood prison, this is a heinous crime, even China cannot come forward to rescue them, the Bai family will be in disaster for sure!”

“What’s that Shaun? It doesn’t matter if this bastard finds his own death. He has angered the blood prison mad and put the whole of Jiangnan in danger. This kind of person is simply deadly!”

Almost everyone thought that Shaun was looking for death, and they predict that Shaun will die!

At the same time!

Ye Wuya and Zheng Honglian also had an emergency meeting. The two were sweating profusely at this moment, and there was lingering fear in their eyes.

The other party came to them to settle the account.!

Such an overlord figure has been on the battlefield for more than ten years and was not defeated a single time. The small four giants are just a snap to the other side!

At this time, they were very disturbed, because they all returned to Shaun’s command and belonged to a grasshopper on a rope.

“The outside world is crazy, he is a fake, do you believe it?”

Ye Wuya asked extremely nervously, if Shaun is really fake, and if they work with Shaun, they will definitely attract the thunder of the blood prison mad god!

“Don’t you already have the answer?”

Zheng Honglian smiled bitterly and replied that the outside world has completely spread, and the Huangfu family have also sought confirmation from the blood prison mad god.

So, can there be any other thing?

“Then what shall we do?” Ye Wuya was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, a sharp look suddenly appeared in his eyes:

“We should grab him and hand him over to the mad god of blood prison? This can be regarded as a demerit, presumably, the mad god will not embarrass us too much!”

At this time, Ye Wuya had been driven mad by fear, because he knew that he couldn’t compete with the mad god of blood prison at all, and there was only a dead-end to stubborn resistance!

And yes, all the doors are closed!

But at this moment, Zheng Honglian saw Bai Hu and Bai Chen, and shook her head solemnly!

That monstrous ferocious might!

That majestic evil spirit!

He is not a counterfeit!

That man is the deity of the Dark Emperor!

“Do not!”

So Zheng Honglian shook her head and said firmly:

“Although the whole world says he is a fake, I am willing to trust my own instinct!”

“You want to bet?”

Ye Wuya looked at Zheng Honglian in disbelief, thinking as if this woman was crazy.

If they lost the bet, then the Bai family will disappear!

Judging from the current situation, Zheng Honglian’s chance of losing a bet is 90%!

Zheng Honglian smiled without saying a word, unwilling to explain.


Ye Wuya gave Zheng Honglian a deep look as if finally made up his mind, gritted his teeth, and said:

“Okay! Since you want to gamble, then I will spare this old life and accompany you on the gamble!”

Zheng Honglian smiled slightly, and turned her head away, suddenly with a solemn expression on her face!

This woman, regaining her former iron blood and fierceness, said coldly:

“Declare it to the outside that if someone wants to hurt Shaun, they will have to step on the bodies of Ye and Bai Chen first!”

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