Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1470

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Chapter 1470

He stared fiercely at the culprit, “As*hole.”

Then hurried to the kitchen to coax his wife…

“Janice, you go out.” Jacob ordered.

Janice red eyes, “I won’t go out.”

Irene walked in and pulled Janice out.

Jacob walked to Irene and admitted his mistake, “Irene, what’s wrong with you?”

Clang Ling brushed the pots and pans sonorously, clearly showing his anger.

“Irene, brother is wrong.”

Irene looked at him, “Where did you go wrong?”

Jacob stammered: “You shouldn’t say three children…not much.”

Irene didn’t fight anymore, “I am not a fertility tool.”

“I know.” Jacob took her hand out of the sink, and confessed seriously: “Irene, you really misunderstood me. In fact, even if your belly can live, I will kill you. Won’t let you suffer this sin again.”

Irene deliberately irritated him and said, “If you want it, I can be pregnant too. Didn’t you get pregnant again last time?”

Jacob’s face was pale…Irene was injured, it is best to be infertile. Forcibly pregnant, the chance of ectopic pregnancy is very high.

Thinking of the suffering that Irene suffered last time, he dare not take any risks.

“Irene, don’t irritate me. I don’t want children, I only want you.”

Irene burst into laughter.

Jacob was relieved.

Touched Irene’s head and said gently: Go out, I’ll wash. “

Irene hugged him coquettishly, “I want to stay with you.”

Jacob stretched his handsome eyebrows.

In this world, he is afraid that only his little cabbage is so coaxing, and a few sweet words can be coaxed to be submissive.

Silly girl.

Outside the living room, Irene encountered the biggest cold war in history.

Janice sat on the sofa and Irene poured her tea, but she just refused to tell Irene.

Derek and Faith secretly laughed.

Irene glared at them, “Don’t laugh. Aren’t your daddy and your mommy also having a cold war?”

Faith glanced at him and said proudly: “I bet my daddy and mommy are now as good as ever.”

Irene said: “How is it possible. Just your mommy’s life-threatening character, how can you let your daddy take a few layers of skin?”

At this moment, Irene and Jacob came out of the kitchen. The two of them flirted with their brows and smiled, and the relationship was as good as knees.

Irene was dumbfounded.

Faith teased: “Uncle, you have to learn from my father.”

As soon as Jacob took his seat, Irene ran over like a whirlwind and sat beside him.

Jacob looked at this huge light bulb with a black face.

Irene looked humbly asking for advice, “Brother, coach me?”

Jacob glanced at the black-faced Janice opposite, and understood Irene’s intention. Pushing him away, said: “That’s your wife. I don’t know how to coax. I only know how to coax my sweetheart.”

Irene smiled brightly and sweetly.

Irene stood up and looked at Irene disgustedly, “Irene, look at your talent. He sucked your soul with a sweet word.”

Irene said: “Brother Jie not only speaks sweet words, but also uses actions to hurt his wife.”

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