Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1161

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Chapter 1161

Toot toot…

On the other end of the phone, there was a blind tone.

Everyone there was as if shocked, they could hardly believe their ears!

Kick out of the legion!

Downgrade by one star!

Will never promote again!

This is destruction for Zhu Yun.

They didn’t expect that Shaun’s phone call would cause Zhu Yun to be kicked out of the legion.

How can this be?

His phone call clearly reached the Military Law Reporting Office. How could it be so fast that it reached the Blood Dragon War God?

Everyone was shocked, and they all looked at Shaun with a deep shock!

“How you did it?”

Mr. Bai looked at Shaun in horror, his voice trembling.

This rubbish called a Samsung warlord?

Shaun smiled lightly:

“Neither did I expect that the Dragon Tiger Legion would be so effective in handling affairs? As soon as I called, the Blood Dragon God of War did it what I said to him.”

It really is him!

Everyone suddenly looked at Shaun with horror in their eyes!


Zhu Yun is one of the most promising Samsung fighters, but a call from Shaun completely ruined his career!

Before when Shaun said, Zhu Yun would be kicked out of the Dragon Tiger Legion. They just treated it as a joke.

But now, they only feel horrified!

“Bastard, you dare to ruin my son’s career, I will kill you!”

When she heard that her son had no hope of being promoted in life again, Aunt Lisa got insane, and she leaped towards Shaun with her teeth and claws!

She wants to take revenge on Shaun by hurting him.

Without waiting for Shaun to make a move, Elvira took the lead and kicked Aunt Lisa!

Aunt Lisa staggered backward, clutching her belly, grinning in pain!

“b!tch, you dared to hit me?” Aunt Lisa jumped into thunder and looked at Elvira in anger.

Everyone there was also dumbfounded!

They never imagined that the docile Elvira would have such a sturdy side!

Elvira gritted her teeth, her eyes filled with anger:

“It’s okay to insult me, but I can’t bear the insult of my man!”

Hearing this, Shaun smiled, and a warm current emerged in his heart.

“Zhu Yun kill her for me! Kill this b!tch!”

Aunt Lisa roared sharply, with a strong viciousness raised in her eyes, she wished to shatter the couple in front of her!

“Mom, don’t rush for a while!”

At this moment, Zhu Yun showed murderous intent, staring at Shaun with a splitting eye:

“When I give a generous gift to Shan Lin, to win his favor, even the Dragon Tiger and the God of War will not be able to help me, this kid…”

“Must die!!!”

He knew that if he acted on Shaun again at this time, his career would be completely over!

Only when I get the favor of Shan Lin and become his dog, it can change my destiny, and even I can easily take revenge!

Shan Lin!

Yes, there is Shan Lin!

Aunt Lisa suddenly showed excitement. Although her son was kicked out of the Dragon and Tiger Legion, if Shan Lin was favored, even the Gods of War would kneel at her son’s feet.

Immediately, Aunt Lisa laughed triumphantly and looked at Shaun and his wife unkindly:

“You both wait for me. My Zhu family must have no place to bury you!”

However, there is more to it!

Zhu Yun’s fierce gaze also scanned the body of Old Man Bai and the others, apparently furious to the extreme:

“Your Bai family has deceived me too much. When I come to the gate of Shan Lin, I will definitely destroy your Bai family!”

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