Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1165

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Chapter 1165

Nalan’s family?

Shaun got stunned because he didn’t expect that the other party had such a terrifying background.

In the beginning, although the Nalan family was not a family in the army, its influence in the army was extremely high, so even Shaun’s army seat was not even considered.

After that!

He even ordered the Dragon and Tiger Corps to give up an export route for the Nalan family to use, and even shamelessly asked the Dragon and Tiger Corps to send military protection.

When Shaun was angry, he robbed the other party’s entire freighter and even looted all the jewels worth more than 100 billion.

The Nalan family was furious and sent three great masters, twelve top masters, and countless grandmasters to assassinate the forest seat holder, but all of them were gone.

On the contrary, several high-ranking members of the Nalan family died unexpectedly, and then the Nalan family realized that it was an enmity with Shan Lin that was pure self-destruction.

Therefore, high-level officials were sent to seek reconciliation, and then compensated 100 billion yuan, which calmed Shan Lin’s anger.

And seeing Shaun staying silent, Yanzishan thought he was afraid.


A deep pride appeared on Yanzishan’s face, and he ordered Shaun:

“I know you are afraid, so you knelt down and knocked your head three times, maybe I can forgive you!”

However, Shaun raised the corner of his mouth and said with contempt:

“Nalan’s family, exist like ants!”


Upon hearing this, the audience became silent!

There was a deep fear on everyone’s face, and they couldn’t believe their ears!

This guy dared to insult The Nalan’s family?

Even he compared Nalan’s family to ants!

This is daring!

“Well, since you are looking for death, then I make your wish true!”

Yanzishan smiled grimly, and then commanded a blond young man beside him:

“Johnny, drive them out of the Ivan Central Hospital!”

The young man named “Johnny” immediately took a step forward and coldly reprimanded Shaun:

“Sir, please leave Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital immediately, our hospital does not welcome you!”

“Expel this old immortal and little bastard!”

Old immortal?

Little bastard?

Johnny’s insult immediately made Shaun’s expression extremely gloomy!

Immediately, Shaun showed a fierce look and stared at Johnny:

“Who are you?”

“Johnny, Chief Resident!” Johnny smiled proudly, then looked at Shaun contemptuously:

“China’s pig! I’m telling you that the entire inpatient department is up to me. If you want your sister to continue to receive treatment here, then kneel down obediently and apologize to Master Yanzishan!”

At this time, Yanzishan smiled sinisterly:

“Dead poor ghost, I forgot to tell you. My Nantian Group is about to reach a cooperation with Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital. Now as long as I say a word, no one in Jiang City can dare to save your sister!”

“Your sister will be an ugly monster all her life, hahaha!”

Today, Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital is in the leading position in the medical industry in Jiang City. As long as they do not save people, other hospitals can’t dare to save anyone!

At this time, Yanzishan and Johnny were embarrassed, both with malicious smiles on their faces, looking at Shaun contemptuously.

Because they knew that Shaun would kneel down and beg for mercy unless he didn’t want to save his sister.

Shaun smiled and shook his head, and said, “Kick me out of the hospital? Make me kneel? Sorry, you didn’t count.”

“Because this is my hospital!”

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