Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1167

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Chapter 1167


When the voices of Mike and others fell, a neat sound of inhaling sounded all together!

In the ward, all patients, doctors, and nurses felt their brains thunder and lightning at this moment, completely shocked!

What did they see?

Dean Mike, led all the senior officials in the hospital bowed to this poor ghost?

Everyone looked at Shaun, who was not much better than a beggar and looked at the extremely respectful Mike and others. They only thought they were dreaming!

At the same time!

After seeing this scene, Johnny and Yanzishan, who were arrogant and proud, were all ashamed!

Their eyes were filled with deep fear!

“This is impossible!”

Johnny screamed, his voice trembling:

“Sir, this guy stole our medicine and pretended to be Mr. Lin, why are you…”

“Shut up!!!”

Before he finished speaking, Mike roared angrily, his eyes full of anger.

Are you mad?

These damn idiots dare to offend this star, and they will be hurt to death.

“You said what they stole, is it a rejuvenation pill?”

Mike asked angrily.


Upon hearing this, Yanzishan and Johnny suddenly changed their expressions and had a bad feeling in their hearts.

How could Mike know that that thing is a rejuvenating pill?

Mike had already seen everything from the expressions of both of them, and immediately gritted his teeth:

“That rejuvenation pill, I gave it to Miss Xun’er!”


Mike’s words fell in the ears of both of them, and it made their scalp numb!

That rejuvenation pill was given by Mike?

That’s a one-billion-dollar panacea. How can Mike even give it to a group of poor ghosts?

“Dean Mike, are you… are you kidding me?”

At this time, even Yanzishan was terrified, with an incredible expression on his face.

Mike suddenly snorted and scolded:

“You two idiots! Miss Xun’er was brought by Miss Elvira, this medicine was also ordered by Miss Elvira, but you dare to insult the people she brought, and even dare to take the medicine given by Miss Elvira!”

“You guys, damn it!”

No… it’s impossible!

This must be a mistake!

Yanzishan and Johnny suddenly became weak in their legs.

For Elvira, they are no strangers!

It is said that offending her is equivalent to offending doctor Lin.

This is terrible news for them!

Not only them but all the patients and doctors there were all petrified.

They couldn’t believe that these poor ghosts were brought by Miss Elvira. It turned out that the little girl really didn’t steal anything.

But Yanzishan and Johnny were greedy and wanted to take the rejuvenation pills.

One who dared to touch Miss Elvira is equal to provoking the genius doctor Lin, these two people are simply looking for death!

Immediately, a roar came from Mike:

“Johnny, you are a medical staff, but you have a corrupt character that you were stealing the property of patients! So I decided to expel you. From now on you will no longer be my student, and I will announce your evil deeds worldwide!”

“From now on, no hospital will hire you!”


With these words, Johnny suddenly sat on the ground with a puff, his face was completely gone!

This means that his career is over!

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