Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1170

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Chapter 1170

In a few days!

A piece of news caused a sensation in the entire Jiangshi!

That’s the voice of the four hidden world giants in Jiangnan, planning to make a collective investment in an enterprise in Jiangshi!

The whole of Jiangshi was extremely shocked!

You know, the four hidden world giants, anyone is enough to dominate the entire Jiangshi!

And now, the four hidden world giants have joined forces to invest in an enterprise in Jiangshi?

Which company has such a big face?

The people of Jiang City are also very excited. The four hidden world giants planning to invest in Jiang City. Then the development of Jiang City in the future can be described as flying into the sky.

At this moment!

Paula and Baishan also sat in front of the TV, watching the report in the news, shocked.

“The four giants planning to invest in a company together, and even plan to make 50% profit. How is this investment? This is simply giving away money!”

Paula exclaimed.

“No, if the four giants will invest together. That company will have a profit of hundreds of billions of dollars a year. I think there must be a big man in that company, which makes the four giants go to great lengths to please!”

Baishan’s face was shocked, his heart beating wildly.

What is worth the investment of the four giants in the small city of Yijiang?

This must be due to a big man!

Shaun on the side smiled and sighed that Baishan had a keen sense of smell, and he discovered it all.

Immediately, he laughed and interjected: “Maybe the four giants are here to invest in our New Bai Group?”


The conversation stopped abruptly.

Baishan and Paula turned their heads instantly and looked at Shaun with an idiot look.

“Shaun, you always speak nonsense. How can the four hidden worldly giants look at our house?”

Paula said angrily: “Furthermore, there is no big man in our family who can make the four hidden giants bow down!”

Shaun touched his nose helplessly, and thought to him: Who said there are no big people in our family?

Paula and Baishan didn’t know that the four giants were about to invest in the New Bai Group, and Elvira will become the power of the four giants.

It was only because Shaun deliberately let the four giants block all the news when they were in Jiangnan, the news was not leaked to Jiangshi, and even Paula and Baishan were kept in the dark.


And just now!

The door was suddenly kicked open!

This movement suddenly changed the expressions of the three people in the house.

Then, they saw that Old Man Bai and the others strode in.

Mr. Bai’s face was full of disgust and contempt, and he directly cursed:

“Baishan’s family, get out of this house!”

“Dad, this…what the hell is going on?”

Baishan suddenly walked up tremblingly and asked uneasily.


Mr. Bai gave a cold snort and glanced at Baishan in disgust:

“Did you not watch the news? The four giants will invest in Jiangshi. I have received news that the company that the four giants came to invest in Jiangshi this time is our Bai Group!”


Upon hearing this, Baishan and Paula trembled all of a sudden, completely frightened.

The four giants are going to invest in the Bai Group?

Mr. Bai sneered and said:

“And I also heard that the Huangfu family, the most prosperous of the four giants, was destroyed because it offended a very terrifying big man.”

“And that big man, with a single word, made Ye Shihao the new head of the giants, and the four giants are all under his control!”

“This time the four masters are coming to invest in our company, and that big man may also be there! So, I plan to clear this house to entertain the big man, you guys get out!”

This statement came out!

There was an incredible shock on the faces of Paula and Baishan!

Earlier, they had heard that Huangfu’s family destroyed the family for no reason, but it turned out to be because of a mysterious big man!

One word to destroy the rich, one word to build a rich, who is that big man?

At the moment, there is a deep bitterness on their faces, because they know that they can’t afford it, so they can only move out!

It’s just that, there are so many properties under the name of Mr. Bai, why does Mr. Bai want their family’s house?

This is intentional!

Paula and Baishan looked at each other, feeling sad in their hearts, and planned to pack up and leave the home where they had lived for many years.

“How do you know that the four Patriarchs are here to invest in Bai Group, instead of investing in my New Bai Group?”

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