Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1177

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Chapter 1177

“What nonsense with them, break their hands and feet directly, wait for the forest seat holder to arrive, and then he will make a decision!”

Zhu Yun said with a cruel face, and then he came step by step towards Shaun and his wife!

Elvira grabbed Shaun’s hand nervously, her pretty face was already covered with ashes.

Because she knows that Zhu Yun is a three-star warrior, so his strength is among the top masters, breaking the hands and feet of ordinary people like them is easy for him.

Breaking hands and feet?

Shaun’s eyebrows suddenly gathered a touch of hostility:

“Then break your hands and feet!”


At this moment, everyone at the party was stunned.

Does this guy agree with Zhu Yun’s approach?

Could it be that he accepted his fate?

Thinking of this possibility, everyone’s faces suddenly glowed with deep contempt.

He just babbled, but now he admits it?

That’s ridiculous!

A gloating smile appeared on the faces of Old Man Bai and the others, staring at Shaun full of spite.

This rubbish has repeatedly spoiled the good deeds of their family and caused Shirakawa and others to be driven out of China. Now, this rubbish is finally dying!

“Patriarch of the Bai family is here!”

A loud shout came from outside the door!

Everyone was completely shocked!

Has Zheng Honglian arrived?

So what kind of expression would she have when she knew that the person who separated her family would dare to despise the existence of Shan Lin and others?

Everyone suddenly looked gleeful!

Now, Shaun and Elvira are in disaster!

Da da da…

A neat footstep came from the door.

Then, a beautiful woman wearing a cheongsam!

Her face was frosty, graceful, and luxurious, and she was full of grandeur as soon as she appeared on the stage. Her aura made all the big guys there feel breathless!

And behind her followed Bai Chen and Bai Hu, the two successive heirs!

Zhu Yun was taken aback, and then a grinning smile appeared on his face and sneered at Shaun:

“Trash, Patriarch Zheng has arrived, you are going to die soon!”

At this time, when Mr. Bai and others saw Zheng Honglian on stage, they shuddered suddenly, dripping cold sweat from their foreheads, and at this time they were extremely nervous.

If Zheng Honglian knew what Shaun had done, she would definitely be angry at the separation of their Bai family. They were all afraid of being affected by Shaun!


Zhu Yun took a step forward and respectfully said:

“The Bai family master, Shaun, the waste son-in-law of the Bai family has dared to insult Shan Lin. Everyone here can testify. I implore you to punish this bold fanatic!”

An unkind smile appeared on his face!


Zheng Honglian and the others were immediately confused. Shaun insulted Shan Lin?

Isn’t that cursing yourself?

And at this time, the old man hurried forward, eagerly disassociating him:

“Patriarch, this matter is about this beast Shaun, and it has nothing to do with my Bai family! Patriarch, please smash him into pieces to prove my Bai family’s innocence!”

“Grandpa, you!”

Elvira looked at her grandfather in disbelief, couldn’t believe her eyes.

Seeing that they are in trouble, Old Man Bai didn’t help, but he is adding fuel to it.


Zheng Honglian finally understood what was going on, a sneer suddenly appeared at the corner of her mouth, and she stared at Zhu Yun:

“What do you want me to do?”

Hearing this, Zhu Yun suddenly showed ecstasy and said hurriedly:

“Of course I want to break his hands and feet first to prevent him from escaping, and then wait for the forest seat holder to arrive and leave it to the forest seat holder to decide!”

“Okay, then break his hands and feet!” Zheng Honglian sneered, then turned to Bai Hu and said:

“Bai Hu, do you know how to do it?”

“I know!”

Bai Hu snorted, his face instantly covered with murderous intent, and then strode towards Shaun!

“This kid is over! This kid must be disabled!”

“Hahaha, he deserves it! This is the end of the desperate, dared to disobey Shan Lin, this kid deserves it for sure!”

“Being scrapped and waiting to die, this is the fate of this guy!”

Everyone sneered as if they could already foresee the miserable scene of Shaun’s broken hands and feet!

At this time, Zhu Yun’s face was also full of brutality, looking forward to Shaun’s tragic moment!


In an instant, there was a bone crack sound!

“Haha, he is been abolished! This offal is abolished!”

Hearing this voice, Lin Guangyao yelled frantically, with a look of excitement on his face.

And everyone also showed an expression of “Sure enough”, in their eyes, Shaun is already a useless person!

But right now!


A scream like killing a pig suddenly resounded through the audience!

Then everyone was horrified to discover that it was not Shaun who had his hands broken…

But, it is Zhu Yun!

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