Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1185

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Chapter 1185

Great Elder!

Everyone was horrified because they all knew that the great elder of the Nalan family was above the great master!

Moreover, the status of the great elder in the Nalan family is no different from that of the Patriarch. When the Patriarch is absent, he can take charge of everything on behalf of the Patriarch!

That’s it!

At this moment, everyone thought that Shaun and others had good luck!

After all, the family in front of you, but the existence that had challenged Shan Lin before, if they were simply too easy!

At this time, the four great masters also instantly turned pale as paper. Such a behemoth is not something they can shake.

The atmosphere is suppressed to the extreme at this moment!

Everyone was crawling on the ground, their hearts pounding wildly, and after seeing legend Great Elder at this moment, they all had a cold sweat.

At this time, they didn’t even have the courage to look directly at the other party, like a frightened little white rabbit, panicked.

At this time, even the Dragon Tiger and the God of War frown, and it seemed that he didn’t expect that big elder would appear in a small river city.

“Elder, you are finally here!”

The moment Yanzishan saw the great elder, Yanzishan was full of ecstasy, and then pointed at Shaun bitterly:

“Elder, this is the person who has broken the cooperation between us and the genius doctor Lin, you must not let him go!”

Not only him!

Even Lin Guangyao smiled excitedly when he saw the arrival of the great elder.

Shaun has dared to challenge Shan Lin, and now no one can save Shaun unless Shan Lin comes!

This waste is dead!

At this time, Elvira was also pretty pale, looking at Shaun nervously, with a deep look of horror in her heart.


The Great Elder cast an unkind look at Shaun. After seeing Shaun still sitting on the main seat, he suddenly snorted angrily:

“Boy, no one has ever dared to disrespect my Nalan family, kid as long as you kneel and apologize, I can consider forgiving you!”

In his words, there was a strong murderous intention!

And, contempt for an ant!

This scene immediately made Lin Guangyao and Yanzishan extremely ecstatic.

Then the eyes looking at Elvira and Shaun were filled with deep resentment and pleasure!

At the moment, Yanzishan grinned and said:

“Elder, next to the trash is Elvira, who is rumored to be the friend of genius doctor Lin. We can arrest her and force doctor Lin to cooperate with us!”

Just listening to this!

The great elder also lit up, and then smiled approvingly:

“You kid, very smart! Just do what you say!”

The dragon and tiger war gods on the side sneered. The great elder didn’t know the identity of Shaun to dare to be jealous.

If he knew that the man in front of him is Shan Lin, who caused the Nalan family to lose their troops, he would be frightened on the spot!

“Why don’t you kneel now, I’m thinking about not killing you?”

A funny voice sounded abruptly at this time.

The audience fell into a dead silence in an instant!


Thinking about not killing you?

This sentence directly made the whole party hall silent!

Then, a pair of horrified and shocked eyes gathered on Shaun at this moment.


This guy, after seeing the arrival of the great elder, instead of showing the respect he deserves, even made him kneel down!

Audacious in the extreme!

Acting recklessly!

At the moment when they saw this scene, Lin Guangyao and Yan Zishan were jumping with excitement.


Seeing the legend here, this guy dares to be so frivolous and arrogant, he is absolutely dead!

“Good good…”

The eyes of the Great Elder wiped out a strong hostility:

“Don’t let him die too fast, I will tear him piece by piece!”

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