Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1192

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Chapter 1192


Elvira didn’t even think about it, so she shook her head:

“Sorry grandpa, I can’t do it!”

Shaun pretended to be the King of the Blood Prison to save her, but how can she abandon Shaun?

He is still human.


Mr. Bai’s face suddenly sank, and he shouted violently:

“You think you can stop the man who claims to be the strongest in the world? You are looking for death!”

“I have reached a consensus with Lin Guangyao. As long as you sleep with him for one night, he can consider pleading in front of the King of the Blood Prison, so that you and our Bai family will be in peace.”


Elvira couldn’t believe her ears, and said anxiously:

“Grandpa, Lin Guangyao is a scumbag, how can you cooperate with him?”

Mr. Bai glanced at Shaun contemptuously:

“What’s wrong with the scum? At least they are now the big red man in front of the King of the Blood Prison. After you follow him, you will be one person under 10,000!”

“Isn’t it a hundred times stronger than this rubbish? When the time comes, my Bai family will be able to follow along!”

Thinking of this, the faces of Mr. Bai and others were full of excitement.

That’s the King of Blood Prison!

If they can get along with them, their Bai family will be rampant in China in the future, no one can stop them!

But these words made Elvira completely horror!

It turned out that, for their part, she was just a tool they used to exchange wealth and power, and they didn’t care about her life or death.


Elvira shook her head coldly:

“Needless to say, I will never divorce Shaun, let alone go to bed with that scum!”

“Well, since you are all about looking for death, just do whatever you want!”

Mr. Bai gave a cold snort, and then ordered:

“Hand over all the properties under your name. Since you intend to bury this waste, you will leave this property useless. I don’t want my Bai family’s property to be ruined in vain!”

This sentence is extremely shameless!

As if Elvira’s property belongs to him.

But Elvira still shook her head voluntarily.

For these profit-seeking family members, she has been extremely disappointed, even if she feeds all her property to the dog, she will never give them a dime.

Seeing it!

Mr. Bai was extremely angry and laughed, and said gloomily:

“It’s useless if you don’t agree. I have discussed this with Lin Guangyao. If you don’t agree to accompany him to bed, then I will join hands with him…”

“Grab your property!”

As he said, the old man Bai smiled and got up:

“You guys, enjoy the last few moments! As soon as the King of Blood Prison arrives, your whole family will die!”


Then, he led a group of people from the Bai family, laughed, and left.

Regardless of whether Elvira is dead or alive, everything related to her will be in his own hands. How does this make him unhappy?

Baishan family, good death!

“Elvira, what should we do? I heard that the king of the blood prison can start a war with one word. How can we offend such an existence?”

Paula’s face was pale, and she held Elvira’s hand, already crying into tears.

Elvira’s face is also full of bitterness.

She also didn’t think that the king of the blood prison had clearly appointed her as his spokesperson, why he was not willing to let go of her husband.

But before she could speak, an abrupt voice sounded.

“It’s just a fake, don’t afraid!”


The expressions of a family of three changed drastically, and then they all stared at Shaun with an unbelievable look.

They seemed to want to find something from Shaun’s face.

The King of Blood Prison, is a counterfeit?

How did Shaun know?

But Shaun shrugged and smiled:

“The mad god of blood prison told me that he personally admitted that the king of blood prison is a fake.”

“Really?” Elvira’s face was suddenly full of surprise, and she tightly grasped Shaun’s hand.

A wicked smile appeared at the corner of Shaun’s mouth, and he said:

“Of course it is true, and the mad god of blood prison is already on his way to here, ready to smash that fake person!”

Originally, Shaun didn’t want to pay attention to the counterfeit, but since the other party insisted on seeking death, then Shaun…

Just became compassionate to fulfill his wish!

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