Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1197

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Chapter 1197


The entire Bai family was suddenly dumbfounded!

After that, a strong expression of excitement appeared on their faces. Did the King of Blood Prison look after Elvira?

In this way, their Bai family will be spared, and even higher!

If she can become the woman of the King of Blood Prison, who else can stop the Bai family in the future?


Mr. Bai’s face flushed with excitement, and ordered Elvira:

“Elvira, why don’t you be grateful to the King of Blood Prison? It is a blessing that you have cultivated for eight lifetimes to serve the king!”

The ladies of the Bai family also stared at Elvira with envy, and they all wanted to wait for Elvira to sleep.

A woman who can become a tool forking is not a queen?

Enough to make a global sensation!

The counterfeit was also proud, staring at Elvira with a contemptuous look as if he was sure that Elvira would not refuse.

After all, who would refuse to be the king’s woman?


Elvira had a cold face and said coldly:

“I reject!”


Everyone was in an uproar!

Everyone stared at Elvira with a horrified look, and couldn’t believe their ears.

Did she reject the King of Blood Prison?

This is tantamount to rejecting prosperity and power and rejecting power.

She is crazy!

“Elvira, you are so bold! You dare to refuse the king’s favor, you are damned!”

Mr. Bai jumped into thunder, and he simply hated that iron can’t make steel. Such a great opportunity was in front of him, but Elvira didn’t know how to cherish it.

“B!tch, wicked b!tch! What use do my Bai family from you!”

“For the sake of a waste, you rejected the high bloody prison king, you are absolutely idiot!”

The people of the Bai family seemed to be furious here, and they used the most vicious words to insult Elvira.

Court death!

This scene made Lin Guangyao’s eyes full of jealousy, and his face was already hideous.

Immediately, he roared:

“Mr. Lin, this woman dares to humiliate you in front of others. She deserves death and must be killed!”

Elvira, since I can’t get you, then others can’t even think of getting you!

Hearing these words!

The counterfeit also gritted his teeth, and there is a strong spicy in his eyes:

“Kill her? Isn’t it too cheap for her? When I finish playing with her, I will give her to my subordinates and let them go round and round!”

“Torture this b!tch to death!”


These words are extremely hot!

All the people there were shocked!

And after hearing this!

On Lin Guangyao’s face, the expressiveness and hideousness became more and more intense, and the expressions he looked at Shaun and Elvira were full of thick resentment:

“Hahaha, Elvira, this is the end of your choice of this waste. Now your whole family will die because of you.”

“Do it! Slaughter that trash, strip that b!tch all!”

Counterfeit immediately roar cruelly!

Those strong blood prisoners, at this moment, were full of murderous aura and ransacked towards Shaun and his wife.

“I see who dares!”

An extremely angry voice suddenly came from outside the door.

The grandmaster of the Nalan family suddenly slews in fiercely, blasting out the strong blood prisoners.


This sudden caused a change in his appearance per game.

Then, one after another, they all looked in the direction of the door.

Immediately there is to see!

Xun’er’s face was livid, and she took Yanzishan, the Great Elder, and the high-level Nalan family, and walked in.


The moment Lin Guangyao saw her, Lin Guangyao suddenly became angry, and a deep hatred appeared in his eyes.

In the beginning, if it hadn’t been for this little bastard to be nosy, he would have broken Shaun and Elvira into pieces!


He turned to the counterfeit, fanning the flames:

“Mr. Lin, this b!tch is the Patriarch of the Nalan family. She was the one who intervened to prevent me from killing Shaun!”


In the eyes of the counterfeit, a touch of hostility suddenly appeared, and he said with extremely contempt:

“Nalan family, do you want to die?”

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