Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1200

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Chapter 1200

Just hearing this!

The heart of that counterfeit got ecstatic!

In his opinion, the reason why the mad god of blood prison asked about his identity was definitely that he was not sure whether he was the king of blood prison.

In other words, he has never seen the King of Blood Prison either.

I bet it right!

Immediately, he arrogantly said: “Yes, I am the King of Blood Prison!”

“You, don’t you kneel down?”

Seeing this!

Yanzishan and Lin Guangyao both beamed with excitement. He is indeed the king of the blood prison. Is this too domineering?

Let the brutal blood prison mad god kneel down!

However, the next scene happened, and everyone there was shocked to the extreme!

Just when the counterfeit voice fell!


There was a loud noise, outrageously resounding!

A powerful and arrogant furious fist hit the impostor at this moment.

On the spot, it was shot out fiercely!


The whole audience got silent!

Everyone stared at the mad god of blood prison with a look of seeing a ghost, and couldn’t believe their eyes!


Completely confused!

They saw that the mad god of blood prison bludgeoned the king of blood prison away.

This is disobedience!

This is the following crime, damn it!

Is it possible that the bloody mad god wants to rebel?

At this moment, everyone’s faces were full of disbelief. They don’t know why the blood prison mad god was so bold.

Dare to bite the Lord!


This is crazy!


But at this time, the counterfeit vomited blood on the spot. Although he also had the power of a master, is he an opponent of such fierce generals as the Blood Prison Mad God?

Just in one move, he is severely injured!

Right now, his eyes were scarlet, and there were endless rage and hatred.

Roared at the mad god of blood prison:

“Blood Prison mad god, how dare you hurt me? You are rebellious, you are damned!”

“Come on! Break this traitor to me!”

The voice fell!

Those who don’t know why the blood prison is strong, are all glaring at the blood prison mad god.

Even if they knew that they were not the opponent of the mad god of blood prison, they still had to fight to the death to defend the king’s dignity!

Because the King of Blood Prison is faith to them!

Faith is absolutely not allowed to be provoked or insulted!

The mad god of blood prison smiled contemptuously, his eyes were cold, and he stared at the counterfeit:

“I will ask you again, are you the King of the Blood Prison?”


The heart of the counterfeit suddenly trembled violently.

The Blood Prison Mad God clearly had something in his words, and he had clearly seen through his identity.

Soon, his brows were frowned, knowing that at this time he could not admit it anyway, otherwise, he would lose the protection of the strong man in the blood prison, and he would really die.


He said angrily:

“Nonsense! If I’m not the King of the Blood Prison, then who it is?”

“Shut up!”

The blood prison mad god is completely mad, roaring extremely madly, unable to accept this waste anymore, offending the god in his heart!

“You can’t stop one of my tricks, you are trash, you are not worthy of claiming to be the king of the blood prison!”


These words were like that shocking sky and thunder, immediately shocked everyone there!

In the instant, everyone looked at the counterfeit, suddenly filled with a thick shock and incredible!

Especially Lin Guangyao!

At this time, his expression of pride and disdain from the beginning instantly transformed into endless horror, paralyzed on the spot!

Is he fake?

Impossible… how could he be a counterfeit?

At this moment, the mad god of blood prison spoke again, his voice revealed his extreme fury:

“King of the Blood Prison nurtured me with one hand! I was like an ant in front of him, and I couldn’t hold on any move!”

“But you rubbish completely injured by my blow, how could a person like you be the king of the blood prison!”


The audience is boiling again!

And those strong in the blood prison awakened like a dream, all staring at the fake with angry eyes.

At this time, they were completely angry!

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