Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1208

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Chapter 1208

“We are here to buy a car, why are you driving us away!”

Elvira’s pretty face turned pale with anger, and her body trembled.

These people are simply shameless!

“Buy a car? What kind of car can you buy?”

Wen Qian suddenly murmured, her face full of contempt.

In the instant, she clings to Lee Sang Hyuk and proudly said:

“My dear, with such a generous shot, just buy me a big G!”

Seeing this!

The contempt in Shu Lan’s eyes also became rich.

“Two dead and poor ghosts, dare to offend Ye Chen Li, and don’t take a pee to show their virtues!”

Shu Lan immediately scolded, a thick threatening color appeared in his eyes:

“Get out! Otherwise, I’ll call the security guard!”


Elvira was about to refute but was held by Shaun on the side.

Shaun frowned and stared straight at Shu Lan:

“I hope you don’t regret it!”


Shaun’s words stunned all the people there as if they could not believe that this guy even dared to threaten them.

But the next moment!

On their faces, thick contempt appeared one after another!


How could they regret it?


Immediately, Lee Sang Hyuk laughed out loud and said with contempt:

“Is this a threat of powerlessness? Just relying on you to make us regret?”

Upon hearing this, Shu Lan and Wen Qian beside them also looked contemptuous and found it extremely ridiculous.

Trash, dare to threaten the heir of Li’s family?

It’s like a mayfly shaking a tree, it’s ridiculous!

But Shaun ignored them and said to Elvira:

“Wife, since some people have money but don’t have a mind, then let’s go to another house to see!”

These words caused Shu Lan to roll his eyes again, and the disgust on his face became more intense!

Are you rich?

Just you two poor ghosts, how much money you make?

Then, Shaun and Elvira walked out the door of the 4S shop slowly under the contemptuous eyes of everyone.


In Wen Qian’s heart, there was a deep sense of pleasure, and she only felt revenge.

However, she is not satisfied with this!

Wait, Elvira, this is just the beginning, I must destroy your family!.

And now!

“Shaun, let’s go home!”

Elvira said unhappily.

The car was destroyed and humiliated, and her mood now is extremely bad.

Shaun smiled and said, “But we haven’t bought our welcome car yet.”

“We are all kicked out, how can we buy it?”

Elvira said angrily.

At this moment, Shaun looked at another 4S store and smiled:

“Benz drove us out, can we buy from there!”


Elvira was puzzled and looked towards where Shaun was looking, and Hua Rong was suddenly pale.

Immediately, she trembled in extreme panic:

“Shaun, are you crazy?”

Not long after!

“Hello, Jiangshi Xingchuang Rolls-Royce, to serve you wholeheartedly!”

Elvira and Shaun just walked into the 4S store, and a beautiful lady in a classical cheongsam greeted them respectfully.

But at this moment, Shaun straightforwardly said:

“I want to buy a batch of Rolls-Royce Phantoms, about thirty cars!”


Shaun’s voice was not loud, but instantly caused an uproar in the entire 4S store!

Everyone was dumbfounded, staring at Shaun and his wife with horrified eyes.

Those who can afford a Rolls Royce must be the top rich!

And the existence of thirty Rolls Royce to be bought in one breath can no longer be described as a rich man but should be called…


That sales lady was completely frightened at this time, her eyes were full of deep terror, and she said inconceivably:

“Sir, are you kidding me?”

If you want to buy 30 cars directly, that is 300 million!

She has never seen such a masterpiece in the ten years since she joined the company!

But Shaun, ignoring everyone’s horror and panic, directly handed over a bank card:

“Swipe! Thirty cars!”

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