Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1214

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Chapter 1214

Just when Shu Lan was about to order his security to kill Shaun, an unexpected voice of anger suddenly sounded!

Everyone looked up, and when they saw the appearance of the visitor, they suddenly became nervous.

“Oh my God! He… isn’t he the old Dong Liu Weiye of Yuelong Real Estate?”

Everyone there, their hearts beating wildly, at a glance they recognized this person as the old Dong of the largest real estate company in Jiang City.


Under the horrified eyes of everyone, Liu Weiye bowed directly to Shaun and Elvira, and said respectfully:

“Mr. Lin, Mrs. Lin, I have been admired for a long time!”


The audience is completely petrified!

Faces are filled with incredible expressions!

Everyone opened their eyes wide, and could hardly believe their eyes.

What did they see?

The leader of the real estate industry in Jiangshi like a dog, nodded and bowed to the couple?

This is simply an illusion!

“He turned out to be Liu Weiye? How could this be possible!”

There was an ominous premonition in their hearts, and they felt that their throat was held tightly by an invisible hand, crazy.

Li Sang-hyuk’s face still has a strong disdain: “What about Yuelong Real Estate, but in terms of a local market, is it not possible to dare to challenge my Li family?”

“Liu Weiye, I’ll give you one minute to get out of here! Otherwise, I’ll beat you!”

When he just finished speaking!

“It’s a big tone, Lee Sang Hyuk, you think we are in Jiangnan, right?”

A contemptuous laugh came from within Rolls Royce in an instant!


Under the shocking gaze of everyone, they saw a middle-aged man with seven or eight bodyguards walking towards their area.

“He is the main person of Baiyun City! Qiu Zushan!”


At the moment when Qiu Zushan’s identity was revealed, everyone there trembled fiercely. At this moment, there was a feeling of scalp tingling!

This turned out to be another famous boss in Jiangnan Province?

Does he also support this couple who they regarded as “trash”?

For an instant, everyone was in a complete uproar!

However, this is just the beginning!


In that Rolls-Royce 4S shop, some of the rich and powerful in Jiangnan Province came out one after another, and then Qui Zushan came to Shaun and Elvira, with a strong respect for Sun on their faces.

Bow suddenly!

Seven or eight big men, at this moment, bowed respectfully towards Shaun and Elvira:

“Seeing the Jiangnan Communist Party!!!”


When all the Jiangnan big guys spoke all together, the air at the door of the 4S shop seemed to freeze.

Whether it was Wen Qian or Shu Lan and others, they couldn’t believe their eyes and ears at this moment!

Jiangnan Gongzhu!

Elvira is really the Jiangnan Communist Party?

They did not lie!


The eyes of everyone looking at them are filled with endless horror!

They only felt that they were trembling madly in the depths of their souls, making them seem to be horrified as they saw a beast!

Especially Wen Qian, her pretty face is already pale!

The Jiangnan Communist Party, the power-in-power elected by the four giants, is a hundred times more honorable than Lee Sang Hyuk!

To such existence, they want to put them to death?

This is simply looking for death!

Lee Sang Hyuk, who was on the side, was also completely stunned!

He hadn’t paid attention to the Yuelong Real Estate, but now he has walked out of seven or eight famous gangsters in Jiangnan Province to support Elvira and Shaun. These forces have gathered together, even if it was the Li family, they can’t dare to underestimate them.

And when he saw that all of these big men bowed to Elvira and called her the Jiangnan Communist Party, he was completely crazy.

Impossible, this is impossible!

Not only them, but even Elvira was stunned.

Because she didn’t know these people in front of her, she just hurriedly glanced at them when she bought the cars, and now they all bowed to her.

As everyone knows, the main reason why these big guys are so humble is to curry favor with the mysterious existence behind Elvira.

At this moment…

Shaun said with a smile: “As Jiangnan people, some people insult the Jiangnan Communist Party, what should you do?”


Upon hearing this, all the big masters were simply ecstatic!

They knew that Shaun had now accepted their kindness!

Immediately, they raised their heads in excitement, their faces were all red, and then they shouted all together:

“Danger! Danger! Danger!”

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