Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1223

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Chapter 1223


Hearing this, Wen Qian and her boyfriend were taken aback!



Immediately, they seemed to have heard the most ridiculous joke in the world and burst into laughter frantically.

Wen Qian covered her belly, only feeling that she was about to laugh so hard that she could not straighten her waist:

“Shaun, are you kidding? Just you trash, dare to threaten us? It’s sad that you don’t know when you will die!”


Shaun is already a pallet fish, let them kill!


Upon hearing this, Elvira’s expression changed drastically. Hearing the hidden hatred in it, Elvira angrily said:

“Wen Qian, what do you mean?”

Hearing these words!

Wen Qian immediately stared at her with a bitter expression:

“At that time, you will know!”

She didn’t want to scare Shaun away right now, she was still waiting for the moment when they were completely desperate.

Then knelt on the ground, begging for their forgiveness.

And now!

Then Lee Sang Hyuk was staring at Shaun and Elvira with eyes full of poison:

“Today, both of you will pay a heavy price for this! Especially you, Shaun! My legs will be paid for by your life!!!”


Upon hearing this, the audience was shocked!


Everyone at the scene cast ridiculous glances at Shaun. It turned out that it was this guy who crippled Li Sang Hyuk’s legs.

A waste son-in-law who depends on his wife to support him dares to attack the dignified Li family!


Everyone’s disdain and sarcasm towards Shaun became more and more intense.

And Shaun at this time!

There was also horror in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised:

“It seems that it would be too cheap for you to have two legs that day!”


As soon as these words came out, Li Sang Hyuk’s eyes suddenly showed extreme resentment, and he stared at Shaun.

“Trash, you should have killed me at that time! What a pity, it’s too late for you to regret it now!”

Lee Sang Hyuk smiled gloomily:

“Now, with great master Yan Yutang here, you can’t touch my hair anymore, on the contrary! If I want to kill you, it’s easy!”

That’s it!

Lee Sang Hyuk seemed to have experienced the pleasure after revenge, a deep joy appeared on his face, and his face gradually became savage.


As soon as this is said!

It detonated the audience instantly!

Everyone’s eyes were round, and they looked at Lee Sang Hyuk, with endless awe and shock in their eyes.

Yan Yutang!

The protector of Jiangbei Xiao’s family, he is also here?

To support Lee Sang Hyuk?

At the moment, a person is full of excitement, like a god, ecstasy to the extreme.

“I didn’t expect to see such a legend in my lifetime!”

“Oh my God! I heard that he is Xiao family’s hero, who served the three generations of the Xiao family’s Patriarch and has made countless contributions to the Xiao Family. Even the Xiao family’s Patriarch must honor him as Mr.!”

“That’s an old monster! So far it is said that he is one hundred and twenty years old, but his strength is getting older and stronger. The average master is not his opponent at all, and he does not want to be an enemy!”

Excited words came out of the guest’s mouth.

At this time, Lee Sang Hyuk also stared at Shaun with a grim face:

“Go ahead, how do you want to die?”

At this moment, Shaun had a sneer of contempt at the corner of his mouth:

“Yan Yutang, just rubbish!”


Hearing this, the audience fell into a dead silence.

The faces of every one were full of panic, and they couldn’t believe their ears.

This guy dared to say that Yan Yutang is rubbish!

He is crazy! ! !

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