Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1225

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Chapter 1225

“Do not!!!”

Seeing that the necklace broke in half, Elvira suddenly let out a miserable cry and collapsed weakly on the ground, her face turned gray.

That’s the heart of sea blue!

The only necklace in the world!

Worth tens of billions! Unique!

And, most importantly, it was a gift from her husband, which represents Shaun’s love for her!

It is her favorite jewelry!

But now, ruined!

Everything is ruined!

As the initiator, Wen Qian didn’t have the slightest guilt on her face, instead, she said casually:

“Oh, I accidentally slipped my hand and fell this rubbish thing, but my husband has money, can you make a price? I will pay for the loss!”

When she saw Elvira’s desperate appearance, she felt extremely happy in her heart.

At the same time, the contempt in her heart was getting stronger!

A fake, so cherish, this b!tch is an idiot!

And this time!

Elvira burst into tears and stretched out her hand, intending to take back the broken necklace!



Wen Qian stepped with her high heels again, smashing the necklace into pieces, still smiling and apologizing:

“Sorry Elvira, since I have decided to spend money to buy this fake, how to deal with it is my business.”

“I planned to destroy it now!”

“you wanna die!!!”

Shaun at this time!

In his eyes, there was already a bloodthirsty scarlet, like a man-eating beast, fierce to the extreme.

At this moment, he had an urge to kill!

Planning to break Wen Qian into pieces!

“It’s just a fake, as for?”

But at this moment, another light and fluttering voice sounded extremely humiliating.

The one who spoke was Lee Sang Hyuk!

He saw Elvira limp on the ground like a dog, and Shaun looked like he was about to eat people. He was extremely proud of his woman, and said proudly:

“Let’s make a price, how much money I will pay for my wife, is it one thousand or ten thousand?”

With that, he made the act of paying money from his wallet.


Wen Qian laughed sweetly, and gave Lee Sang Hyuk a winking glance:

“Husband, do you praise him too much? With his consumption level, up to five hundred!”

“The extra ones will be treated as feeding the dogs! Hahaha!” Lee Sang Hyuk laughed, extremely insulting.


A terrifying scream sounded the entire party hall!

“That the heart of sea blue!!!”


There was an uproar in the audience!

Everyone knows that not long ago, a piece of jewelry at a high price was auctioned at the Xuetuchang auction site in Jiangnan, and that was the heart of the sea blue!


At this time, Wen Qian’s heart trembled suddenly, she had heard of Hailan Heart.


That is the jewel that every woman longs for. As long as you look at it, you will fall deeply and can no longer extricate yourself!

The sea blue heart is known as the queen’s jewelry!

Value, ten billion!

At the moment, Wen Qian mocked with disdain:

“Who idiot is talking nonsense, get out of here!”

“Just these two poor ghosts, how can they afford tens of billions of jewel, are you dreaming?”

The moment her voice fell, the audience was completely silent, and everyone looked at her with an idiot look.

Then, an old man walked out, his face extremely gloomy:

“I am the idiot you are talking about!”

The corner of Wen Qian’s mouth curled up, her face was contemptuous, and she was about to speak insultingly.


But at this moment, she suddenly got slapped on her face, and the person who shot was not someone else, it was Lee Sang Hyuk.

“Husband, you!” Wen Qian stared at Li Xianghe in horror.

“Shut up!”

However, Lee Sang Hyuk’s face was pale, like a mouse meeting a cat, and respectfully greeted the old man:

“Uncle Mr. Zen!”

This person is not someone else!

He is the Zen Family Patriarch, one of the Jiangbei families!

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