Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1240

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Chapter 1240


Everyone was in an uproar, and they didn’t expect that Xiao Youwei had already been there, but Shaun dared to be so awkward?

Even in front of Xiao Youwei, he said he was going to castrate his son?

Too arrogant!

Shaun’s words also immediately made Xiao Youwei’s face sinking, and immediately yelled:

“You, you need to know to be forgiving, don’t go too far.”

As the leader of the Jiangbei Communist Party, he has already lowered his posture like this, but the other party is still so ignorant.

A wasteful son-in-law, why should he shine in front of him?

What he was afraid of was Elvira, the Jiangnan Communist, and as for the waste of Shaun, he didn’t take it seriously.

“If it were you, would you let me go?”

Shaun sneered, my wife was humiliated in public and said that he would treat my wife as a plaything and play with my wife in front of me.

If this can be tolerated, is he still a man?

Xiao Youwei’s face suddenly sank, and coldly threatened:

“I advise you, it is better to take the money honestly and accept our apology.”

“Don’t forget, you also stole the Queen’s Seablue Heart. If you want to die, I don’t mind staying with you to the end!”


In Xiao Youwei’s eyes, there was a touch of contempt.

Because of his self-confidence, Shaun would definitely accept their proposal unless they were not afraid of the thunder of the King of Blood Prison.

“Threatening me?”

Shaun smiled sarcastically, and then a sharp expression appeared in his eyes:

“Do it!”

After listening to this!

The Great Elder swept out abruptly, and then suddenly kicked Xiao Tingjun’s crotch.

Ouch! ! !

A scream like killing a pig suddenly resounded.

Everyone looked at Xiao Tingjun’s body, blood was already overflowing, and it seemed extraordinarily oozing.

After screaming, he also passed out on the spot.

Everyone’s eyes widened, they were stunned in a place like a goose, completely stunned.

Shaun abolished Xiao Tingjun!


This guy is a lunatic!

Xiao Youwei has already taken the initiative to apologize, but Shaun is still aggressive. What qualifications does he have?

This is simply shameless!

Now the two sides have completely forged a death feud, even if his wife is really the Jiangnan Communist, but wanting to compete with the long-standing and well-connected Xiao family is a foolish dream!

Shaun is looking for death!

“You! Great!”

Seeing that his son had been castrated, Xiao Youwei’s eyes were splitting, staring at Shaun.

At this time, he was extremely angry.

This waste, really dare to touch my son?

Damn it! ! !

This moment!

Everyone saw that Xiao Youwei’s teeth creaked, hating Shaun!

He slowly picked up Xiao Tingjun, who was already unconscious, his expression gloomy to the extreme.

Then, Xiao Youwei announced with extreme hatred:

“From today, Jiangnan and Jiangbei will be enemies!”


Upon hearing this, everyone there was shocked.

Then a look of contempt appeared on their faces one after another.

Xiao Youwei hugged Xiao Tingjun and left, and everyone realized that because of Shaun’s shame, the seat of the Elvira Jiangnan Communist Party might not last long.

One by one, they immediately cast sympathetic glances at Elvira.

With such a spoiled husband and a broom star, Elvira has really suffered blood mold for eight lifetimes.

A group of people rushed in aggressively, and the young man in a flower shirt immediately roared:

“Wen Qian? Where is that b!tch Wen Qian?”

The moment she saw the other party, Wen Qian’s body trembled fiercely, her face turned pale with a sigh, and she grabbed Li Sang Hyuk’s hand very nervously:

“Sang Hyuk, save me, I beg you, please save me!”

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