Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1250

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Chapter 1250


The audience suddenly fell into a strange silence!


The master of the masters?

Everyone was shocked and then stared at Shaun with idiot-looking eyes.

What did they hear?

Does this rubbish claim to be a master of the music masters?

This is simply ridiculous!


Guo Ailun’s face was instantly green, and he said sharply:

“So, do you think you are better than me in musical attainments?”

As soon as this remark came out, Mr. Mingzhe and the other three sneered with contempt.

“Shaun, you don’t take a piss and take your own virtues, what qualifications do you have to compare with Uncle Guo?”

Mr. Mingzhe looked at Shaun with disgust:

“There are no more than ten grand music masters like Uncle Guo in the world, and he is the only music master in China to have won the Grammy Music Award, and he can be called a national treasure-level artist.”

“Comparing yourself with him, are you worthy?”

And Jiang Xin sneered even more, and sarcastically said:

“The master among the masters? I think you are the idiot among the idiots, right?”

“Kelly, is this the man you like? A big cow?”

Everyone suddenly laughed, and their words were full of contempt.

they all think that Shaun, trash who doesn’t know anything, is pretending to be a music master, ridiculous and shameful!

For Shaun, he became even more disgusted and disdainful.

At this moment, Shaun ignored everyone’s ridicule, stared straight at Guo Ailun, and answered his question:

“On musical attainments, you are not even qualified to lift my shoes!”


When Shaun’s words resounded, the whole box was suddenly in an uproar.

Mr. Mingzhe and others couldn’t believe their ears!

Shaun, are you crazy?

Guo Ailun is an internationally renowned music master. His works are widely acclaimed. His many songs have won awards. Therefore, don’t know how many famous singers broke their heads and wanted them to compose music.

Such a character!

Has entered the Hall of Fame, won the Lifetime Achievement Award in the music industry, and is already a top figure at the ceiling.

Want to surpass these characters, unless you are the reincarnation of Chopin, Mozart, and Chopin!

But Shaun… said that this legendary figure is not even qualified to carry shoes for him?


Immediately, Mr. Mingzhe and others were completely furious, and there was a sound of even worse insults.

“Served! I have never seen such a brazen person in my life!”

“He is a palace-level music master, but according to Shaun, he doesn’t even deserve to lift his shoes. How shameless he is to say such words?”

“It’s disgusting! No wonder the Lin family has swept him out, keeping this kind of rubbish was a shame for them!”

The whole box was suddenly noisy.

But listening to their harsh and mean insults, Kelly’s face was extremely gloomy, and she wanted to refute.

Because only she knew that Shaun was not bragging at all!

A man who has composed a few tunes and makes her instantly become popular and ascends to the throne of the queen, what is not a music master?

Even a master like Guo Ailun has never made someone queen with just a few songs.

But Shaun did it!

For this alone, Shaun is a hundred times better than Guo Ailun!


Without waiting for her to speak, Guo Ailun, with an iron face, stared at Shaun extremely viciously, with a horror arc appearing on the corner of his lips:

“Okay, then please ask the master now to play a song for us!”

“If your repertoire is not up to the international level, then we will chop your legs off.”

“Will take your life!!!”

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