Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1277

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Chapter 1277


With the fall of this voice, the audience was completely shocked, everyone only felt their hair tingling.

They looked at Shaun with horrified eyes!

Is this man the real Mr. Lin?

But these people from the Shen family just now insulted him one after another, as if they wanted to step on him fiercely!


These Shen family members are crazy!

And now!

A nightmare come true!

All the Shen family members were mad, and their eyes seemed to fall from their eye sockets.

Shaun is Mr. Lin?


This is impossible!

Mr. Shen and the others went crazy, and the shock this scene brought them was simply terrifying.

A waste person, could invite by Jinding personally?

Is it to make Li Huairen this lord kneel down and give gifts?

Is this world crazy?

At this time, they only felt that their hearts thumping wildly, and even their breathing became messy.

They ridiculed before that Shaun could never be Mr. Lin.

But this scene now slapped them in the face severely!

And even Mr. Mingzhe was stunned at this moment.

Jinding invited Shaun?

How can this be?

How can this waste?


He roared hysterically:

“This is impossible! Even the four masters toasted with me. I am the one whom Jinding has invited, and I am Mr. Lin!”

Ye Shihao sneered:

“Who said that the person we want to respect is you?”

“If it weren’t you idiot, and shamelessly came up to clink glasses with us, we would have respected the real Mr. Lin!”


Mr. Mingzhe was instantly stunned, and his entire face was instantly ashamed!

The four masters, it is not him who they respect?

But he shamelessly thought that they came to toast with him?


At this moment, Mr. Mingzhe’s face was red, and he only felt that he had been beaten severely, and he went crazy with shame!

The faces of Mr. Shen and others were also full of bitterness.

They finally understood what Elvira meant by the phrase “to show up and respect the wrong person”.

However, there is more to it!

After Li Huairen offered the treasure, he said loudly again:

“This is my son who broke Miss Elvira’s tens of billions of necklaces. Hailan Heart’s compensation. I implore Mr. Lin and Miss Elvira to accept it regardless of the predecessors!”

“Tens of billions of jewels???”

Cuiping got fighting, and her body trembled uncontrollably.

At this time!

No matter it was the Shen family or the guests there, they couldn’t believe their ears!

Shaun, gave Elvira tens of billions of necklace?


This is impossible!

How could this guy be so rich?

This must be something wrong!

All the Shen family felt that their bodies were shaky, and they fell to the ground on the spot. The scene before them made them completely demented!

Jinding invitation!

Four masters toast!

Give Elvira 10 billion necklaces!

Is this guy really Shaun?

This is just like a dream!

At this moment, Shaun curled his mouth and asked with a smile:

“The VIP channel, am I eligible to walk through?”

Ye Shihao suddenly smiled:

“Mr. Lin, you are the most distinguished guest of Golden Summit tonight. No one is qualified to go in the VIP channel except you!”

As soon as these words came out, the Shen family felt their heart, and they were severely stabbed.

Shaun, this is deliberately hitting them in the face!

And Shaun glanced at them playfully:

“It seems that I don’t need to die!”


He picked up the two top jewels and put them on Elvira:

“Wife, although it’s not as good as the one I gave it, and it’s not that bad as well, accept it!”

Seeing this!

The audience was in an uproar!

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