Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1279

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Chapter 1279

Hearing these words!

Everyone in the Shen family looked at Shaun with contempt.

“It’s shameless to steal someone else’s things to give a gift to my wife!”

“It is shameless to dare to steal from the King of the Blood Prison, it is absolutely desperate!”

“What I said, how can this rubbish afford tens of billions of jewels, it turned out to be stolen!”

At the same time!

The big guys there were all stunned.

Could it be that their news is wrong, and this guy in front of you is not Shan Lin at all?

After all, as Shan Lin, how could it be possible to steal other people’s things?

“Hahaha! I just said you let this trash fool you!”

But at this time, Mr. Mingzhe also laughed wildly, and then looked at Elvira unkindly:

“Elvira, it seems that this time, you must divorce him!”

“If the King of Blood Prison came to know that you took the queen’s necklace, I’m afraid he won’t let you go!”


Mr. Shen’s expression sank:

“Elvira, don’t you want to get rid of this waste? Now only Mr. Mingzhe has the ability to save you. As long as you divorce him and marry Mr. Mingzhe, maybe he can use the power of the Lin family to face the King of Blood Prison to get forgiveness for you.”

Hearing these words!

Mr. Mingzhe was also triumphant, looking at Elvira with a condescending look.

Now, he is expecting Elvira to plead with him!


Elvira shook her head indifferently:

“Shaun didn’t steal anything from anyone! I don’t need anyone to save me!”


Everyone in the Shen family was in a daze, looking at Elvira with a look of seeing a ghost.

Is she crazy?

Knowing that there is a dead end, but still insisting on seeking death?

Are you really planning to bury Shaun, a thief?

“Good good!”

Mr. Shen nodded with a gloomy expression and shouted angrily:

“Since you are stubborn, then go and die!”

And in Mr. Mingzhe’s eyes, there was also a touch of anger instantly:

“Timis, what are you doing in a daze? This rubbish has stolen your master’s necklace, why don’t you catch him now?”

Hearing this!

Everyone playful looked at Shaun as if looking at a dead person.

It seems that Shaun will die!

Timis glanced at Mr. Mingzhe indifferently:

“Sorry, I can’t do this! Because that necklace belongs to Miss Elvira!”


When this voice fell…

Everyone, completely confused!

Is that tens of billions of necklace belongs to Elvira?

This is impossible!

Cuiping had already said that Shaun stole that necklace, how could it belong to Elvira?

“Timis, you making a mistake? This necklace clearly belongs to the queen, how could it be Elvira’s?”

Cuiping suddenly annoyed.

Seeing this!

Timis was already impatient, and said, “I’m not mistaken. This necklace belonged to the queen, but now she has given it to Miss Elvira!”

Now he knew that the man in front of him was the BOSS of the Blood Lord, the king of the blood prison with a fierce reputation!

He is the boss of his boss!

King of Blood Prison, steal his own things?



And hearing Timis’s words, the Shen family and all the guests there were completely dumbfounded!

Give it to Elvira, how is this possible?

Elvira is like an ant to the blood prison. How could the queen of the blood prison give her such a valuable thing?

This is impossible!

“Timis, I think you are crazy! She is a b!tch, how can the queen give gifts to her?”

Cuiping broke out completely, gritted her teeth, and roared:

“You are sheltering, if the king of the blood prison came to know, you will not escape death!”

“Shut up!”

At this moment, Timis suddenly roared, with murderous intent in his eyes:

“B!tch? How dare you insult Miss Elvira as a b!tch? You are damned!”

“Come on! Kill this woman!”


Just because Cuiping scolded Elvira as a b!tch, Timis ordered someone to kill her?

This… How is this possible?

Is it possible that Timis really intends to cover Elvira?

The atmosphere in the field suddenly became extremely weird!

And the Shen family did not expect that Timis would be such an idiot, instead of catching the little thief who stole the things of King of Blood Prison, he wants to kill Cuiping!

“I see who dares!”

Mr. Mingzhe stared suddenly and instantly shielded Cuiping, with a bold expression on his face:

“Today, I will save Cuiping!”

Hearing these words!

Cuiping suddenly looked surprised, and then a deep complacency appeared on her face:

“Timis, you committed the crime knowingly. If you add to the crime, you are also dead!”

At the moment when Cuiping’s voice fell!

“I don’t think you can keep her!”

Ye Shihao walked out slowly, tit-for-tat.

“I feel so too!”

“This woman must die today!”


The four masters, at this moment, stepped out simultaneously, all grinning, staring at Cuiping with stern eyes.


The temperature of the entire exhibition center dropped to a freezing point at this moment!

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