Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1281

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Chapter 1281



Everyone immediately looked at Shaun with horrified eyes!


This guy is simply the devil!

But at this time, Cuiping seemed to be electrocuted, and screamed out:

“Impossible, you must be mistaken!”

“This b!tch, how could she be the Jiangnan Communist Party!”

Not just her!

The expressions on the faces of the Shen family there were extremely frightened!


Jiangnan Gongzhu?

This is nothing short of a fantasy!

No wonder, Jinding will invite Shaun!

No wonder, the four great masters would toast with Shaun!

No wonder Li Huairen would kneel down to apologize!

All this is because of Elvira!

Jiangnan Gongzhu?

When did this happen and why did they not know at all?

All the Shen family members looked at Elvira in disbelief.

At this time, they were completely frightened!

They couldn’t imagine that after only a few months, Elvira became the most powerful existence in Jiangnan.

“Wrong? How would we not even recognize our own master?”

Zheng Honglian snorted and stared at Cuiping with an idiot look.

When the voice fell, the Shen family was completely ashamed!

Indeed, how could the four great masters kneel to Shaun regardless of their own face without confirming Elvira’s identity?

At this time, the Shen family even regretted it.

In order to curry favor with Mr. Mingzhe, they vigorously insulted Shaun and Elvira.

But now it seems that it was extremely stupid!

The niece of their Shen family is the master of Jiangnan. Why should they curry favor with anyone?

“Even if she is the Jiangnan Communist Party? She has stolen from the King of the Blood Prison, and it’s punishment dead!”

Cuiping’s eyes were full of resentment, and she roared hoarsely.

This b!tch, why does she override her head?


Ye Shihao glanced at her contemptuously and snorted coldly:

“Miss Elvira is the Jiangnan Communist appointed by the King of the Blood Prison himself, and manages Jiangnan on his behalf.”

“And that necklace worth tens of billions is a gift from the King of Blood Prison to Miss Elvira!”


As soon as this statement came out, the audience was completely blown up!

At this moment, everyone showed an expression of seeing a ghost.

Shaun didn’t steal the necklace?

It was gifted by the King of Blood Prison?


At this moment, all the Shen family members trembled violently, and their faces were completely ashamed.

Even Mr. Mingzhe’s expression was unbelievable.

Elvira is not only related to Shan Lin, but even she has relations with the King of Blood Prison?

And now!

Ye Shihao looked fiercely, staring straight at Cuiping:

“Insulting Miss Elvira is equivalent to insulting the King of the Blood Prison. You must die!”


Upon hearing this, Cuiping’s face turned pale, and her whole body trembled uncontrollably.


At this time she was completely scared!

All her support, with the exposure of Elvira’s identity, completely disappeared.

When she saw Ye Shihao carrying a machete and approaching her with a murderous aura, she went completely mad and shouted in fear:

“Grandpa! Young Master Ming! Help me!”


Taigong Shen and Mingzhe were so gloomy that they did not dare to speak.

To insult the spokesperson of the King of the Blood Prison is tantamount to insult the King of the Blood Prison!

Who dares to be troublesome will surely die!

Cuiping said something that shouldn’t be said, now it is hard to save her.

Seeing this!

Cuiping was completely desperate, there was no longer the arrogance and resentment as before, there was a deep fear on her face, tears were streaming down her face.

In the next moment, she looked at Ye Shihao who was standing in front of her pitifully:

“No… don’t kill me! I know I was wrong!”

Ye Shihao just gave a grin, a brutal look suddenly appeared in his eyes:

“In the next life, remember to know people with your eyes!”


Hand got up and came down!

A beautiful head, with a strong unwillingness, rolled to the ground.

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