Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1284

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Chapter 1284


Upon hearing this, Baishan and Paula shuddered.

Especially, after seeing the hatred in Jian’s eyes, they were extremely uneasy.

They felt that Jian was crazy!

The pain of losing his daughter and expulsion from Shen’s family had completely lost his mind.

At this time, if they didn’t give money, maybe he would really kill them.

However, at this moment!

A scene that made them even more desperate happened!

Huh huh!

They saw that a few people in black suddenly walked in from behind Jian and his wife, with short knives in their hands, surrounding Baishan and Paula.

There are ill-intentioned smiles on their faces!

It seemed that as long as Jian says a word, they will chop Baishan and his wife into the mud.


Paula and Baishan, have they ever seen such a battle?

Immediately, the two were paralyzed in fright, and deep despair emerged in their hearts.

They are crying.

“Money…Elvira has all the money, she is on the plane now, and we can’t contact her either.”

Paula cried out, begging Both Jian and his wife and his wife.

“Tomorrow! We will let her pay back the money!”

Here you are!” At this time, both Paula and Baishan were desperate to the extreme, because they could all see that the other party’s asking for money was just a cover.

In fact, it is most likely to avenge for daughter!

If you don’t meet their requirements as much as possible at this time, then the couple may be dead!


When Jian and Cuiping heard this, they both laughed maliciously. Of course, they knew that Elvira had gone on a business tour.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t dare to come to find fault so blatantly!

And they had already planned to kill Baishan and Paula regardless of whether they got the money or not!


They also plan to broadcast live, let Elvira watch her parents with her own eyes, tortured to death by them slowly.


Jian directly slapped Baishan’s face and said fiercely:

“Anyway, if I can’t get the money today, I will kill the two of you!”

And Cui Ping sneered. With a bitter face, she said, “Waiting for tomorrow? Are you trying to procrastinate so that the b!tch can kill us?”

“I’m not mistaken, you are all evil-hearted beasts! Since the money is taken do not come back, and that the two hybrids directly kill it! “


Upon hearing this, Baishan and Paula only felt that their scalp was about to explode, and their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

Especially Paula!

She never dreamed that her brother planned to kill her.

Cuiping clearly insulted the King of the Blood Prison before being killed by Ye Shihao. What does this have to do with their family?

But Jian and Cui Ping were bullying and fearful of hardships, and came to retaliate. This is simply frantic!

However, at this moment!

Baishan suddenly thought of something, and suddenly screamed:

“Don’t…don’t kill us! I have money! Li Huairen gave us a card before and said it was a centurion black card. There must be money there!”

Baishan suddenly remembered that Li Huairen had given them a bank card in order to please Elvira. There should be ten million in it.

Centurion black card?

Li Huairen?

When Jian and Cui Ping heard this, instead of stopping, there was a hint of hostility on their faces:

“Who are you cheating? The Centurion Black Card, the top credit card with unlimited overdraft, is a symbol of status and dignity! Money can’t buy it!”

“Just you two old trash, Li Huairen will give you his black card?”

What if Elvira is the Jiangnan Communist?

Li Huairen, serving the Jiangbei Communist Party!

Giving away his black card is the same as giving away his property to others.

Both Jian and his wife and his wife did not believe that Li Huairen would pay all the financial resources of the entire Li family in order to curry favor with Elvira.

However, at this moment!

Baishan trembled, and handed the card:

“It’s true, this is the card he gave us!”


Just a glance!

It made Jian and his wife completely crazy!

The unique shape, the luxurious gilt lines, the complicated lines…


Jian seemed to have seen a ghost, showing a horrified expression:

“Impossible…It is impossible!”

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