Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1289

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Chapter 1289


A loud slap in the face immediately rang through the entire bank!

Xiangru Li fell to the ground on the spot, a bright red palm print suddenly appeared on her face, and she was dumbfounded on the spot.

She looked at Li Huairen with an unbelievable look:

“President Li, you… why are you hitting me?”

Not only her, everyone there was also dumbfounded.

Li Huairen, beat the benefactor who helped him find the black card?

What exactly is going on!


At this time, Li Huairen had a splitting eye, looking like he was going to eat people:

“Hit you? I can’t wait to kill you!”

You damn b!tch!

It made their Li family so miserable, but still want them to appreciate her by Li family?

Today’s Li Huairen, can’t wait to break her body into pieces!

And hearing this.

Xiangru Li got completely stunned. She really couldn’t figure out why Li Huairen was so hostile to her.

She helped Li Huairen retrieve the black card, and also caught the thief who stole the card.

It stands to reason that Li Huairen should be grateful to her!

The next scene made everyone there completely crazy!

They saw that with Li Huairen as the leader, all the Li family members walked towards Baishan and Paula at this moment.

Follow closely!



All the Li family members knelt down and said in fear:

“Mr. Baishan and Mrs. Baishan, forgive us!”

Damn it?

At this time, everyone’s hearts were like ten thousand horses running by, this scene completely scared them to pee.

Jiangbei Li Family!

Kneel down!

Kneeling for forgiveness!

How can this be?

At this moment, everyone was stunned and couldn’t believe their eyes.

That is a famous giant in Jiangbei, with a long history and rich heritage, and it can be called prestigious throughout China.

But now, this behemoth is so humble that the whole family kneels and begs for mercy?

Even facing the Xiao family, Li Huairen has never been so humble!

But now?

Kneeling and apologizing to the two thieves who stole his black card?

This is simply an illusion!

At this moment, they just think the world is crazy!

Jian, his wife, and Xiangru Li felt that their views were completely destroyed, and their hearts collapsed completely!

Make them doubt life!

Especially Xiangru Li!

The moment she saw Li Huairen and the others kneel down, she felt her heart beating wildly.

In her heart, she suddenly had an ominous premonition!

When everyone there saw this, they finally reacted.

Is that centurion black card really given by Li Huairen?

In other words, these two people are not thieves, but Li Huairen’s distinguished guests!

And Xiangru Li, beat them?

“We are not thieves!!!”

When seeing Li Huairen appear, Paula couldn’t stand it anymore.

Extremely wronged, howl!

After seeing Paula’s aggrieved appearance, Li Huairen’s face was extremely gloomy.

Then, Xiangru Li stared at them extremely angry:

“The black card was given to Mr. Baishan and Paula but you dare to frame them?”

“Furthermore, dare to let people beat them up, you b!tch is damned!”

Some words, strong hostility!

“Come on! Break the hands and feet of this b!tch!!!”


Upon hearing this, Xiangru Li trembled fiercely and shook her head in fear:

“No! Don’t hurt me!”

She didn’t expect that the situation would be reversed in this way. According to her guess, Li Huairen would be grateful to her.

Then the two thieves will be broken into pieces!

But now, completely different from what she thought, Li Huairen wants her life?

However, just as the Li family was ready to do it!

Hearty laughter followed:

“President Li, give me a face, how about letting her go?”

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