Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1300

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Chapter 1300


Hearing that there was something wrong with Kelly, Shaun’s face suddenly sank:

“where are you?”

Then, Kelly sobbed and told him the address.


Shaun handed the car to Baishan and took a taxi to the destination of Kelly.

After arriving, he saw Kelly sitting on a bench in the cold wind at a glance, trembling all over, her eyes red and swollen from crying.

“What happened to you?”

Shaun frowned and asked.

Seeing Shaun, Kelly couldn’t stand it anymore, rushed up out of control, and plunged into Shaun’s arms.

Weeping presumptuously:

“I was kicked out of my house, Brother Lin, I have no home!”

sad and sad!

Shaun’s face was suddenly cold:

“It’s because of Lei Zhang?”

He slapped Lei Zhang in the face with his front foot, and Kelly was swept out on the back foot. Isn’t this a coincidence?

Kelly nodded helplessly:

“Lei Zhang said that it was because of you that caused the Zhang Family’s loan to reject, so he planned to use the Zhang Family’s power to kill you!”

“I said a few words for you, and they said that I turned my elbow out of the way, saying that I was lowly, like a married woman, and lost the face of Zhang’s family, so they deprived my right of the inheritance and expelled me from Zhang Family!”

“Even more, they are going to completely block me in the entertainment industry!”

Kelly’s pain was not because of being kicked out of the house, nor was it because of being blocked.

It was because the family who had been together for many years was able to treat her so cruelly and want to put her to death.

Now, she has nothing!

Hearing these words!

Shaun’s eyes suddenly filled with a terrifying horror:

“Don’t worry! The Zhang family’s properties are yours, no one can take it away!”

“Because this is what I say!”


These words reveal the supreme majesty!

As if Shaun at this time was like an emperor, he kept his promises!

Kelly was stunned for a moment, her heart suddenly seemed to be filled with something, and she looked at Shaun with a look of surprise.


Shaun’s words made her fascinated.

As long as there is this man, even if the sky falls, he will stand for her.

“Let’s go! Go to Zhang’s house, I will ask for justice for you!”

Shaun took Kelly’s hand.

Kelly hesitated and said uneasily:

“Brother Lin, can you stop them from being killed?”

She knew Shaun’s ability, if he wanted, not to mention a Zhang family, even the entire Jiangnan would instantly turn into a sea of corpses.

But anyway, those are her family members!

Shaun was taken aback, then smiled and said:

“Don’t worry! I won’t kill people, I will let them kneel down!”


Shaun and Kelly went to the hotel where the birthday was held.

And on the way, Shaun learned that today was the birthday of the head of the Zhang family, so he asked Ye Shihao and others to prepare some generous gifts.

Plan to salute first and then fight!

If the other party is interested, everything will stop.

If the other party doesn’t know good or bad, then they really have to kneel down!

After arriving at the hotel, Shaun saw that all kinds of super-luxury cars had been parked around the hotel.

The most common Rolls Royce is also worth ten million!

After all, the Zhang family in China had a long-standing reputation. After learning that they had landed in Jiangshi, the big men from all walks of life in Jiangshi rushed to the party.

When they came to know that the Zhang family was confident that they could reach cooperation with Shan Lin, those who came to curry favor were like crucian carp who crossed the river…


When Shaun and Kelly just stepped into the hotel, they suddenly heard a shout full of anger:

“You dogs, get out of here!”

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