Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1308

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Chapter 1308

He stole the things of the Blood Lord, and also stolen from the four masters, this waste is completely over!

Lei Zhang’s face was full of ecstasy and anticipation. In his opinion, Shaun was already bound to die.

This bastard who has repeatedly bad things done to him is finally over today!

Right now, he quickly urged Zhang Wenxiang to call, because he couldn’t wait to see Shaun’s miserable end.

Everyone looked at Shaun with contempt and felt that this wasteful pretense was over.

Stealing the things of Blood Lord and the Four Great Lords, then even Elvira is the Jiangnan Communist can not save this waste!

Shaun is dead!

“If you stole so many things from the big guys, you dare to come to us and do your fortune, Shaun you are such an idiot!”

Zhang Wenxiang also sneered unkindly. At the same time, he took out his mobile phone and said playfully:

“As long as I call now, your life will stay with our Zhang family forever.”

“However, if you apologize to us at this time, there is a chance that I can still consider sparing you.”

As soon as this remark came out, there were snickers in the field.

Everyone knew that Zhang Wenxiang was deliberately teasing Shaun, even if Shaun really knelt down, he would never let Shaun go.

But so what is there a choice for this waste?

Even if it is one percent possible, he must kneel down. Who made his life now in the hands of Zhang Jia?

Lei Zhang also enjoyed this feeling and humiliated Shaun severely before he died.

“let’s hit!”

Shaun curled his lips indifferently.


Everyone was stunned, dumbfounded at this moment, they couldn’t believe their ears.

This rubbish, dying, still has an indifferent attitude?

It’s as if all this has nothing to do with him!

How can this be?

Everyone stared at Shaun in horror. Is this guy really not afraid of death?

Or he knows that he is going to die, so he gives up the struggle?

“I don’t think you will see the coffin to cry!”

Zhang Wenxiang suddenly became angry and yelled: “Since you are looking for death, then I will fulfill your wish! I will call the Blood Lord now!”

As he said, he made a silent gesture to everyone, and at the same time quickly dialed a number and took down the handsfree.



Before long, there was a calm and majestic voice from the other end, expressing a sense of arrogance.

This sound directly shocked everyone, and they swallowed fiercely, and cold sweat was involuntary on their foreheads.

they also clearly felt from this voice that the man in front of them was the prestigious Blood Lord!

“Blood Lord, I am Zhang Wenxiang.”

“Zhang Wenxiang? Don’t know!”

The Blood Lord’s tone is indifferent, and as his identity, he has never remembered Zhang Wenxiang’s number one character.

Zhang Wenxiang suddenly looked embarrassed, but did not dare to get angry, and still respectfully said:

“Blood Lord, we met at an antique meeting before, and at that time you left your contact information brazenly.”

“Oh, what’s the matter?”

Hearing that, Zhang Wenxiang was staring at Shaun gloomily, his eyes full of ridicule, as if he was looking at a dead person.

“Sir Blood Lord, this is the case. On the birthday of my Zhang family, we discovered that someone had stolen from you. This is your favorite dragon-print bronze statue!”

“That person is the waste person of the Bai family, Shaun!”

Over there, it fell into silence instantly!

Five seconds!

Fifteen seconds!

Twenty seconds!

Twenty seconds later, just when everyone suspected that the other party had hung up, the blood master’s extremely crazy and angry roared:

“Damn it!”

“It’s damn!!!”

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