Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1310

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Chapter 1310



After hearing this, everyone burst into laughter!

No one believed Shaun’s words, only that he was pretending to be an idiot again.

Shaun was once again completely surrounded by swearing and ridicule.

With a puff, Kelly was completely paralyzed on the ground, with blank eyes and a dull expression.

At this time, she just felt cold all over!


Completely over!

The thing she worries about the most has happened.

After all, her stupid family members angered this man and caused a terrible disaster that could destroy them all.

But at this time, the Zhang family did not realize what they had done, and their faces still had a vicious smile.

And Lei Zhang even yelled directly:

“Do it!”

Huh huh!

Many experts in the Zhang family, at this moment, like an arrow from the string, madly rushed towards Shaun.

With a thick grin on his face, he planned to completely cripple Shaun!

Seeing this!

Lei Zhang, Zhang Wenxiang, Zhang Granny, and others all have a gloating smiles on their faces.

Already ready to applaud!

At this moment, the scene that made everyone horrified and dying were when they slammed into their eyes.

Puff puff!

The blood splashed several times, and the few strong men who were about to abolish Shaun fell to the ground instantly, and their heads were in a different place!

Tragic death!

It was only an instant, completely killed in seconds!


Everyone was terrified and couldn’t believe their eyes at this moment!

At the same time!

In front of Shaun, a man appeared before him.

He was burly and violent, and he was holding several heads in his hands at this time!

“White Tiger General?”

The moment everyone saw him, they suddenly exclaimed, with deep fear on their faces.

As soon as he appeared on the stage, he killed several members of the Zhang family. What was going on!

Seeing this!

The complexions of the Zhang family members were immediately ugly to the extreme, and the faces were filled with consternation, and there was no way to understand.

The other party should kill Shaun!

Why didn’t he say anything, and directly attacked their Zhang family?

This is crazy!

Lei Zhang suddenly changed his expression, and roared:

“Bai Hu, are you crazy? You dare to kill our Zhang family’s strong guards, does your Bai family want to lead the war?”


But Bai Hu didn’t have a word of nonsense, and he rushed out violently, his momentum was extremely crazy.

As if being completely angered!

These chores, dare to insult the god in his heart?

Unforgivable! ! !


Lei Zhang’s heart trembled suddenly as if he had seen a ghost, there was a sudden ominous premonition in his heart.

Something is wrong, this is very wrong!

Not only him!

The Zhang family members there were also shocked by Bai Hu’s abnormality, and the clothes on their backs had been completely soaked in a cold sweat.

This guy, who is a well-known Samsung warrior in China, has always been known for his bravery and combativeness, killing countless people!

But their Zhang Family and Bai Hu didn’t have any intersection, why did the other party kill their people directly?

At this moment, all the guests there were completely dumbfounded, they were in deep shock.

This…what the hell is going on?

The Bai Hu of the Bai family didn’t kill the thief Shaun but instead slaughtered the guards of the Zhang family. Does the Bai family really want to lead the war?


This is incredible!

However, a scene that made them even more desperate was about to happen.

Shaun twitched at the corner of his mouth and smiled slightly:

“Bai Hu, come back!”

This is a tone of command!

But what everyone can’t believe is that the moment when he heard this, the white tiger shook his body, and then he respectfully agreed:


Then, under the horrified eyes of everyone, he forcibly suppressed his killing intent and stood by Shaun honestly!


There was dead silence in the audience!

Everyone can’t believe their eyes!

Oh my God, what did they see!

The famous White Tiger general, the lover of the Dragon Tiger and the God of War, took orders from this waste?

How can this be?

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