Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1338

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Chapter 1338

In an instant!

Everyone’s expressions are extremely ugly!

This scene is so spectacular!

It’s like an army of hell walking through the world!

They all know that these people are the strongest combat power in the blood hell!

Grand Master!

The top master!

Grand Master!

Come out!

Long Jiu and the others were completely shocked!

They never dreamed that the King of the Blood Prison would dispatch all the strongest combat power in the Blood Prison to China, just to save the waste?


This is crazy!

To offend the entire China for a waste, is it really worth it?

And now!

Their bodies were trembling uncontrollably and frantically, and they were obviously fearful to the extreme.

These ten thousand people, they can’t stop them!


Long Jiu was extremely nervous and asked Song Yuanzheng:

“Song Yuanzheng, where is Lin Zuo? Have you contacted yet? With our ability, we can’t stop them at all! “

Hearing this, Song Yuanzheng suddenly sneered:

“Don’t panic, I have already contacted Lin Zuo. It is said that he is already on his way to Jiangnan, and it will take ten minutes. Here!”


Everyone was suddenly surprised!

Even ten minutes?

Isn’t that the same time as the arrival of the King of the Blood Prison?

These two emperor-level existences will arrive at the same time, and they will collide strongly?

However, there is more to it!

Song Yuanzheng continued to sneer and said:

“In addition to Lin Zuo, I also heard that the Nihuang Army Zuo is also rushing to Jiangshi! At that time, there will be a dragon and a phoenix. , The King of the Blood Prison! These idiots… can’t stop it! Hahaha!”


Just listen to this!

Everyone feels that their adrenaline is climbing wildly!

His face was full of shock and ecstasy!

The Ni Phoenix Army Seat, also coming?

The four armies!
Two here!

Oh my god!

There are two of China’s official four strongest combat powers!

It can be seen that the senior management of Huaxia is completely furious, and wants to completely wipe out the blood prison!


Long Jiu’s face is full of pride and a kind of glory that regards death as home!

“Everyone listens! Both the Lin seat and the Nihuang Army seat are on their way here. Before that, we must guard this pass! Don’t let the two army seats disappoint us! “

Roar!! !

Everyone yelled in unison. At this time, I only felt that the winning ticket was in hand, and morale soared!

Then, the eyes of the strong man in the blood prison were filled with deep disdain and contempt.

With two enemies and one, and the Lin family in charge, the blood prison is completely over this time!

“Hahaha! Blood Prison Mad God, your wishful thinking is wrong, today none of you will want to step into Jiang City for half a step!”

Song Yuanzheng laughed wildly, just he feel that at this time, the unprecedented scenery, he can actually challenge the bloody mad god!

In his eyes, there is a strong madness and pride:

“Now, kneel down and admit my mistake! Maybe I can still intercede with the two soldiers and spare you a dog! “


At this moment, Zhao Chuan had a little doubt in his heart. He always felt that things were not that simple.

Because he had received an order from the Nihuang Army Seat before, her order was…not to stop the blood hell!
But now he rushed to Jiangshi personally, wanting to wipe out the blood prison?

Isn’t this superfluous?


The King of Blood Prison has always been on good terms with Huaxia, how could he fight Huaxia for a waste?


Inside, there are details that they don’t know!


Right now!

Zhao Chuan’s cell phone suddenly rang!

He glanced at the caller ID, and his body was tight, and drops of cold sweat spread all over his forehead.

And then!

He pressed the speakerphone, and said tremblingly:


After a long time…

Zhao Chuan was sitting on the ground with a gray face, his face pale, and he didn’t know what he heard. At this time, it turned out to be an expression of seeing a ghost alive.

“Zhao Chuan, what’s the matter with you?”

Long Jiu asked in confusion.

However, there was no reply!

Zhao Chuan trembled like chaff, as if he hadn’t heard the words of the crowd. He was completely immersed in his inner world, shaking violently and uncontrollably.

One minute!

Two minutes!

Three minutes!

Seeing Zhao Chuan slumped to the ground in shock, unable to even speak, everyone suddenly had a bad premonition.

It seems that something terrible is about to happen!

I don’t know how long it has been!

Zhao Chuan finally recovered, and then he screamed in hysterics:

“Get out! Get out!”

“Yes otherwise, it will be too late!!!”

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