Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1342

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Chapter 1342


As soon as this statement came out, everyone’s expressions changed wildly!

Lin… Lin Zuo?

Their eyes seemed to burst out, this guy turned out to be that mysterious forest seat?

And Zhao Chuan finally understood why the King of the Blood Prison and Lin Zuo arrived here at the same time, because they were the same person.

“No… It’s impossible!”

Song Yuanzheng showed a hell of expression, at this time it seemed to be completely scared to pee.

“This must be a mistake. He is obviously only in his twenties. How could he have two such terrifying identities at the same time?”

Not just him, everyone present I feel incredible!

Overseas, there is a terrorist force!

He has absolute ruling power in the country!

What a horror to exist like this!

The Lin family wanted to completely wipe out these existences. This is utterly stupid and stupid!

At first, they thought Lin Fan was crazy!

But now it seems that the Lin family is the most stupid idiot!

But then, the words of the mad god of blood hell made them completely desperate.

“A group of idiots, our king has multiple identities. In addition to being the dark emperor and Lin Zuo, he is also a Middle Eastern oil tycoon! He is also the boss behind the world’s top consortium Global Group!”

When these words fell, Song Yuanzheng and others were completely frightened

The dark emperor!
Lin Zuo!

The boss of Universal Group! The identities of were so terrifying that everyone in the room felt like they were dreaming and couldn’t believe their ears.

Every time these identities are thrown out, it is enough to shock the whole world!

However, it is concentrated on one person!

How good this man is!

However, right now!

A group of dark shadows quickly swept from various places, like ghosts, quietly appearing in the field!

Everyone is wearing a black robe, and there is a trace of gloomy breath!

“The ghost of the dark night is the Northern Guanjun! The Ni Phoenix Army Seat is here!”

At this time, seeing these people, Song Yuanzheng finally showed a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

The Lin Zuo is gone, but at least there are Lin Family and Nihuang Jun Zuo to support them!

Two to two, they still don’t have to fear Lin Fan!

When Song Yuanzheng saw this, he was almost crying with excitement, as if grabbing a straw, he screamed frantically:

“The ghosts of the dark night, stop them! Don’t let them. Half a step into Jiang City!”

“When the Lin family’s troops arrive in Jiang City, they will all over the scraps and scraps!”

The voice fell off!

Those dark shadows all walked towards Lin Fan.

Just when everyone thought that the Dark Night Ghost was about to stop Lin Fan, they were horrified to see that all Dark Night Ghosts knelt towards Lin Fan!

“Lin Zuo, I will come to Jiangshi to help you with the order of the Nihuang Army Zuo!”


This sentence is like a bursting roar, blasting wildly in everyone’s mind!

Desperate, completely desperate!

At the moment when they heard this, Long Jiu, Song Yuanzheng and others trembled wildly!

At this time, everyone was sitting on the ground in horror!

The Nihuang Army Seat came to Jiang City not to kill Lin Fan, but to help Lin Fan?

This cruel fact is like a heavy hammer, violently hitting everyone’s hearts, making them all worse than dead!

And at this moment, the blood prison mad god on the side smiled and said:

“By the way, I forgot to tell you, you are thinking of the Ni Phoenix Army Seat you are looking forward to., And our king is a close friend of life and death!”

A close friend of life and death?

As soon as he heard this, the faces of everyone were full of bitterness.

All at once!

The Big Three?

That is a big joke!

They originally thought that the two armies who came to Jiang City must be to snipe the King of the Blood Prison.

But as a result, Lin Zuo is Lin Fan, and Ni Phoenix Army Zuo is still Lin Fan’s friend. They are most proud of relying on…

He is gone!

At this instant, Song Yuanzheng had realized that the overall situation had been set, and was paralyzed on the ground.

A face that was as gray as death, a self-deprecating sneer appeared.

Annoyed the wrong person!

Now, it’s not just him!

Even the Lin Family is not far from extinction!

Because of them, a demon was offended!

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