Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1401

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Chapter 1401

Everyone looked at Lin Fan with a lunatic look.

A rubbish, even those two king-like existences are not even considered, they really can’t figure out where Lin Fan’s self-confidence comes from!

Especially when the two kings are coming, they dare to talk nonsense like this.

They even admire Lin Fan’s courage a little bit!

This guy is really not afraid of death!


Wang Yun recovered from his astonishment and burst into laughter directly, only feeling that he heard the most funny joke in the world.

“Lin Fan, since we met, I have discovered that you have been digging your own grave. To be honest, have you been thinking about it for a long time, and deliberately seeking death?”

“It’s no wonder that Zhao Yanzhi was divorced back then, and now he cuckold his wife again. If I were you, I would die too!” At this time, Wang Yun and others felt comfortable. , Because without them doing anything next, both Lin Zuo and Lin Fan would kill Lin Fan.

This guy is dead today!

Aside, Zhao Yanzhi shook her head, the contemptuous sneer on her face became more intense.

Originally, she really thought that Lin Fan could impress her today, but in the end, there was no change except for the big talk in the audience.

Sure enough, waste is waste!

She was so naive, she thought he would be different from before.

Mu Lingshan hummed heavily, completely losing his patience:

“Lin Fan, now kneel and kowtow to apologize and get out, I can spare you not to die!”
This kind of idiot, he feels sick even looking at it more!

Now she even feels that Lin Fan doesn’t even have the qualifications to die in his hands!


Lin Fan still looks so frivolous and arrogant:

“Let me kneel, you are not worthy!”


Everyone was completely shocked!

Kept looking for death again and again, and they were completely stunned by Lin Fan’s inexplicable behavior.


They are now wondering if Lin Fan is really begging to die!

How could you be so reckless otherwise?

“He is not qualified, then am I enough?”

Wang Yun stood up and stared at Lin Fan coldly.

“Lin Fan, don’t talk nonsense anymore, just beg you.”

Bai Yi pleaded bitterly, wishing to sew Lin Fan’s mouth. This guy still hasn’t figured out the situation.

Obviously he has no ability and no background, but he is looking for death one after another!

This is simply a brain problem!

Except for a mouth that is unacceptable, Lin Fan is completely useless.

Bai Yi regretted this time!

“I shouldn’t have come to this banquet. I was too self-willed to cause this result.”

“Lin Fan, you apologize to them!”

In her opinion, Lin Fan is impossible to match these evil ones. If he doesn’t apologize, he will really die. It’s coming.

“Lin Fan, even your wife despises you!”

Zhao Yanzhi giggled, the ironic smile on her face grew stronger.

However, Lin Fan remained unmoved, and gave Wang Yun an indifferent look:

“Sorry, you are not qualified!”

“Then count me?”

Zhu Yiqun’s eyes appeared to have murderous intent, and he strode out, already wanting to smash Lin Fan into pieces.

“Still not enough!”

Lin Fan still shook his head indifferently.

“Then what about me?”

Feng Shaoting also walked out, with an ill-intentioned smile on his face.

“Not enough!”

“Hehe, then add me!”

Zhao Yanzhi snorted coldly, glaring at Lin Fan, she was already Enough of Lin Fan’s endless pretense.

So she can’t wait, now she will completely mutilate Lin Fan, and then let him kneel in front of her like a dog.


Everyone exclaimed, even Lin Tianxun’s woman stepped forward. Doesn’t this mean that Lin Tianxun is taking the shot?
In their eyes, Lin Fan is already dead!


Everyone showed a hideous smile and looked at Lin Fan contemptuously, looking forward to seeing how unlucky Lin Fan was.


In the face of the menacing grandmasters, Lin Fan, instead of fearing the least, the expression on his face became more contemptuous!

“All of you add up, it’s not enough!”

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