Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1403

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Chapter 1403


Seeing this, everyone’s laughter stopped abruptly!

What exactly happened to surprise Mu Lingshan like this?

In an instant!

Everyone just finds it incredible!

Are they dreaming?

That call really came to Mu Lingshan?

And, just a phone call, made him, the dark emperor’s personal guard, completely scared to the ground?

“Lao Mu, what’s the matter with you?”

Seeing this, Wang Yun and others also realized that it was not good, and their voices were trembling.

They know Mu Lingshan very well, and they went to the blood prison alone, and even experienced life and death in it.

From this point, it is enough to see that Mu Lingshan is a tough guy with a strong bone!

But now, for the first time, they are so scared to see Mu Lingshan, who is not afraid of the sky and the earth!

Here, what happened!

On the spot, the atmosphere became extremely depressing!

There is an ominous omen in everyone’s heart!


Mu Lingshan did not explain, but looked at them in horror:

“Go! Go! Or else, it will be too late! He will kill you!” “


These words shocked everyone who was upset!

Lin Fan, kill them?

How is it possible?

Relying on this waste?

Mu Lingshan is shocked, right? It’s all nonsense!

This one!

Wang Yun and the others are not nervous anymore, they laughed and laughed, as if they had heard a joke.
“Lao Mu, when did you become so courageous, and a trash scared you, what did you say on the phone?”
They don’t believe that Lin Fan can have such an ability in this nonsense!

It is estimated that Mu Lingshan was bluffed by Lin Fan’s pretense!


Before Mu Lingshan could answer, there was an uproar at the door!

One by one, everyone enters the venue!

Everyone looked solemn and vigorous, and the terrifying aura immediately suppressed everyone present.

“Dragon Nine, the Four Lords, Dragon Tiger God of War, Blood Lord, my God! The big guys are about to enter the venue, so get out of the way!”

Everyone is horrified lost, one after another gave way!

Then, they stared at the group of big men eagerly, unable to conceal their excitement, wanting to see if Lin Zuo was in the middle of it.


Looked around, but they were all disappointed!

“Why Lin Zuo hasn’t come yet?”

At this time, everyone ignores Lin Fan, the jumping clown, because for them, getting to know Lin Zuo is today main purpose.

Wang Yun’s face suddenly became difficult to look at, and he gave Lin Fan a cold look:

“Dog stuff, your luck is really not so good, so you can I’ve been living for a while.”

At this time!

Lin Fan also responded with a smile:

“It’s just each other.”

Hearing this, Wang Yun suddenly became angry, but the big brothers came together, and he didn’t dare to continue making trouble.

And now!

Long Jiu went straight to the rostrum, then turned around to face the guests present. Before

Waited for him to speak, the guests could no longer hold back, and they all asked:

“Long Ye, where is Lin Zuo? Didn’t you come with you?”

“Long Lord, isn’t it possible that Lin Zuo is not coming?”

“I took a plane for more than 20 hours and came back from overseas on purpose. Just to see Lin Zuo, don’t play me!”

See here!

Zhao Yanzhi suddenly giggled, and looked at Lin Fan with schaden pleasure:

“Lin Fan, Long Jiu has arrived, you dare to live in Room No. 1 Tianzi, Long Jiu Can you bear his anger?”

In a while, she will report the matter to Long Jiu. Once Long Jiu knows about it, she will definitely not let Lin Fan go.

Hear the words!

Wang Yun and the others all laughed, and Lin Fan had to ask for more blessings.


Lin Fan just smiled and said nothing.

To bear the anger of Long Jiu? Long Jiu has to think about whether he can bear his anger!

Long Jiu smiled slightly and said:

“The forest seat, has arrived, and is within the venue!”

“Next, please invite Lin Zuo to meet everyone!”


The atmosphere of the audience was completely burst!

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