Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1406

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Chapter 1406



Wang Yun and others fell to the ground one after another at this moment, their faces were all ashamed.

Their eyes dully looked at Lin Fan, and at this moment they were already shocked.

Lin Fan, really is Lin Zuo!

It is the transcendent existence with the top three armies and millions of soldiers!

Is this special… how is it possible?



A drop of cold sweat is constantly flowing down from their foreheads.

Everyone feels that a disaster is imminent, and the anxiety is extreme.

Lin Fan, who they never looked at in the past, has now become a forest seat they can’t look at!

They finally knew why Lin Fan dared to be so arrogant from beginning to end, because he didn’t put them in his eyes at all.

It is estimated that in Lin Fan’s eyes, they are just a bunch of clowns.


All of them, their faces pale as paper, sat slumped on the ground, shaking.

They dare to insult Lin Zuo?

This is looking for death!

Especially Wang Yun!

At this time, he was almost paralyzed by fright, his legs trembling unceasingly, and his eyes were full of fear.

Lin Zuo, isn’t that his immediate boss?

Right now!

Even the Dragon and Tiger God of War knelt down for Lin Fan!

But as a member of the Dragon and Tiger Army, he dare to insult Lin Zuo again and again?

Right now, his heart pounded violently, and he was almost fainting!

The shock has just begun!

At this moment, Long Jiu shouted in a deep voice:

“Please Lin Zuo, lead me to defend the peace of Jiangnan! I will wait for Lin Zuo, and the horse will look ahead!”

These words say that they are defending Jiangnan, but in fact they are for Lin Fan to rule Jiangnan!

“Please Lin Zuo, lead us to defend Jiangnan!”

All the big guys yelled in unison at this moment!


When this uniform roar sounded, it was like a bomb, completely detonating the audience!

This time!

Lin Fan twitched at the corner of his mouth and looked at Zhao Yanzhi who was already scared not far away:

“I didn’t let you down, did I?”

The words are full of ridicule!

Zhao Yanzhi’s face became paler!


She was shocked, Lin Fan did not let her down, and now even makes her despair!

She thought of the insult to Lin Fan in every possible way!

She suddenly panicked and offended Lin Zuo, even Lin Tianxun could not save her!

Follow along!

She looked at Mu Lingshan, with a plea in her eyes:

“Lingshan, save me! You are the security guard of the Dark Emperor, you begged the Dark Emperor for mercy Come on!”

For a moment!

Wang Yun and others also seemed to have grasped the life-saving straw, begging to Mu Lingshan one after another:

“Lao Mu, we grew up and grew up. You can’t die without saving!”

“Lao Mu, help us! We don’t want to die!”

One by one evil youngsters, can’t laugh anymore, face there are tears on it!


At the corner of Mu Lingshan’s mouth, a mocking sneer appeared:

“I have reminded you before, let you leave, otherwise he will kill you.”
“But you turned a deaf ear to what I said, and now I can’t save you.”


Mu Lingshan wanted to die!

Zhao Yanzhi and the others became even more desperate, and now they thought that Mu Lingshan was going to sit on the sidelines.

“Lingshan, we already knew that we were wrong, so you can give us a chance and help us!”

But unexpectedly, Mu Lingshan shook his head, his face A bitter smile appeared on the top:

“I can’t save you, not because I don’t want to save it, but because I can’t save it!”

But Zhao Yanzhi didn’t believe it at all, she was worried “How come? As long as you speak to the Dark Emperor, he will not ignore it!”

Upon hearing this, Mu Lingshan’s face became more ugly and his expression stiff said:

“Then if I tell you, he is the Dark Emperor?”

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