Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1413

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Chapter 1413

“I…I’ll try my luck!”

Li Xiuyun blushed and said:

“After all, a character like Lin Zuo is ordinary. People can see if they want to see? I didn’t have much hope.”

He wanted to try and see if he could have a good future, although he also knew that the hope was slim.

Hear the words!

Lin Fan couldn’t laugh or cry suddenly, and wanted to tell Li Xiuyun that he was Lin Zuo, and he could be a guest of Lin Zuo with a word of his own.

It’s scary, he is afraid, Li Xiuyun will regard himself as a neurotic, right?


Lin Fan said with a smile:

“Don’t worry, Uncle Li, as a plea, I will arrange a place for Lin Zuo’s wedding banquet!”


Li Xiuyun’s expression changed suddenly, staring at Lin Fan like a ghost:

“Do you have a way?”

You need to know!

That was Lin Zuo’s wedding banquet of the century. The entire Chinese dignitaries broke their heads in order to grab a spot, but those who were invited were all prestigious overlord-level figures!

Originally, Li Xiuyun came today just with the idea of trying his luck, and never thought that he would really qualify for the banquet.

For a small person like him, let alone enter the arena, even if you look at it from a distance, you are already lucky!

But now Lin Fan said lightly, let him enter the wedding banquet in the forest seat?

Isn’t he dreaming?

Lin Fan smiled and explained:

“I have someone in it, so I can arrange it!”

Upon hearing this, Li Xiuyun was ecstatic. :

“Cow! My son is capable! I see you today, and I am eligible to enter the wedding banquet of Lin Zuo. This is a double happiness!”

“Go! Lord The two drank a pot well, and they won’t be drunk or go home today!”

Talking!was involuntarily holding Lin Fan’s shoulders and forcibly dragging him away.

In a short while, he arrived at Li Xiuyun’s residence!

Looking at the familiar alley, Lin Fan suddenly showed nostalgia. After all, the time he lived here was one of his few happy times.

And just now!

There were bursts of untimely discussions, which sounded one after another!
“Isn’t that Lin Fan? Why did he come back?”

“Tsk tusk, the clothes are so shabby, it seems that they are not mixed well. Fortunately, Li Xian’s girl is not If you look at him, it would be miserable!”

“People Li Xian found a rich second generation. It is said that there is a group in the man’s family, which is very rich! How can this waste compare? Going to someone? I’m afraid it’s not worthy to give someone a shoe!”

The neighbors recognized Lin Fan, but their faces showed contemptuous smiles.

Because they are very clear, Li Xiuyun has been messing about mandarin ducks since he was a child, and has always wanted to match his daughter with Lin Fan.

Now Lin Fan is so miserable, but Li Xian has found a beloved son-in-law, and the two of them are no longer in the same world.

Fortunately, Li Xian didn’t listen to her foolish father, otherwise, marrying such a boring waste, wouldn’t she have to work hard for a lifetime?


Hearing the neighbors chewing their tongues, Li Xiuyun suddenly became angry and roared:

“Shut up all the way! Who dare to say that my son is not the same? It’s just that you will fight him to the end if you don’t believe me!” In his eyes, although Lin Fan is not related to him by blood, he has long been getting along with him for many years. This unique child became his own son.

How can he bear to hear others insult his son?


Everyone sneered at his threat!

“A rubbish, can it be regarded as a treasure?”

“I am so confused, so anxious about a dead and poor ghost, but cold and indifferent to my golden turtle son-in-law, my mind Sick!”
“You are looking for death?”

Li Xiuyun suddenly became angry, grabbed the hoe next to the door, and went forward desperately.

But this time!

Lin Fan stopped him and said with a smile:

“Uncle Li, forget it! Drinking is important, don’t let some insignificant people break your Feeling!”

Li Xiuyun put down his hoe and stared fiercely at the neighbors:

“You dare to chew your tongue again and see if I don’t tear your mouth!”
Say! walked into the yard with anger!

At this time, Lin Fan glanced at the neighbors, but in the depths of his eyes, there was a hint of chill.

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