Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1416

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Chapter 1416

She is deliberately warning Lin Fan that she has found a rich second generation, so she will never look at Lin Fan. Poor.

Lin Fan does not have to bother in vain!

No matter how her father values Lin Fan, in her eyes, Lin Fan is not worthy of giving Zhou Peize the shoes!

At least!

Zhou Peize can get an invitation letter from Lin Zuo casually.

What about Lin Fan?

He doesn’t even know who Lin Zuo is, right?

This is the gap!

She and Lin Fan are destined to be people of two worlds!

“Lao Li, your son-in-law is really capable. You can get the invitation letter from Lin Zuo. I heard that it is hard to find money!”

“I But I heard that the people who can get the invitation letter of the forest seat are all famous and famous! Your son-in-law is not an ordinary person!”

“I really envy you! With such a golden tortoise son-in-law, why don’t you Li family worry about flying? “

The neighbors, relatives and friends present all looked envious!
Obviously at this time, it has been completely shocked!


Li Xiuyun snorted unconvincingly:

“Isn’t that Lin Zuo’s admission qualification? What’s so great, Lin Fan has arranged it for me long ago!”


For an instant, the audience was silent!

Everyone’s smiles were completely frozen after hearing Li Xiuyun’s words.

Lin Fan, have you arranged it?

Is this guy able to qualify for Lin Zuo’s admission?

What’s the joke?

Does the admission qualification mean take it?

If it is Zhou Peize, they still believe it is possible!

As for Lin Fan…

Everyone glanced at him contemptuously. It was just a sullen look, saying that the roadside scavengers are not exaggerated. Eligible to enter Lin Zuo’s banquet venue?

Not to mention helping Li Xiuyun and others get admission! is simply ridiculous!

Therefore, after hearing Li Xiuyun’s words, Li Xian’s pretty face suddenly showed strong disdain:

“Dad, as long as he can get the qualifications for Lin Zuo’s wedding banquet. Don’t make me laugh!”

At the same time, Zhou Peize’s face is also full of mockery:

“Yeah, uncle, even I took a lot of effort to get this admission qualification. What kind of identity can he invite Lin Zuo to personally invite?”

“Do you know, know people If you know your face and don’t know your heart, don’t let some caring people be fooled!”


Everyone stared at Lin Fan with a sarcasm, as if they were watching a joke.


They also think that Lin Fan is lying!

Wang Yanli couldn’t help but shook her head. This kind of lie that can be seen through at a glance, can her husband be deceived?

Is so naive!

Immediately after, she looked at Lin Fan with a little more hostility.

In her opinion, Lin Fan would fabricate such a lie, and it must be a plot against their family.

After all, Lin Fan has been separated from them for so many years. They don’t know who Lin Fan is today!

“You fart!”

Li Xiuyun flushed with anger, and roared:

“My son will never lie to me! Lin Fan, tell them, What is your identity?”

He didn’t believe Lin Fan would lie to him!

In other words, he believes that Lin Fan must not be an idler!

He must have an extremely extraordinary background to get the qualifications for Lin Zuo’s wedding banquet!


Lin Fan gave a wry smile and said:

“Actually, I am waiting for work at home!”


The crowd was in an uproar!

Unemployed at home?

Isn’t that, unemployed?


There was a burst of neat laughter from the audience. Everyone was full of belly laughter and was completely amused.


Lin Fan is even worse than they thought. He doesn’t even have a decent job?

Isn’t this too unpromising?

Such waste can make Lin Zuowang open up and invite admission?

Don’t laugh to death!

On the side, Li Xian also shook her head sarcastically, and the contempt and disgust in her eyes became a bit richer.


When she thought of her father on the spot and tried his best to match her with Lin Fan, she felt disgusting in her heart!

At this time, she didn’t even want to look at Lin Fan again!

Seeing more as if it will stain her eyes.

At the same time!

Zhou Peize was also visibly taken aback, and immediately laughed loudly:

“A rubbish who doesn’t even have a job can get admission to the wedding banquet? You are a forest. Are you blind?”

“You are a liar!”

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