Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1421

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Chapter 1421

This sound is like a tiger roaring mountain, deafening!

Everyone trembled!

The White Tiger general is angry!

They should have cast glorious glances at Lin Fan.

In their opinion, it was Lin Fan’s reckless words that completely angered Bai Hu.

Then, Lin Fan was not far from death.

Zhou Peize suddenly smiled gloomily, looking at Lin Fan as if looking at a clown.

“If you don’t have the ability to pretend to be compared, it’s almost death!”


Li Xiuyun directly knelt down, trembling with fright, the old tearful pleading:

“General Baihu, my son is young and ignorant. This is how he contradicted him. If you have a lot of big men, please let him go this time!”

“If you have any dissatisfaction, come at me! Please don’t embarrass my son!”

See here!

Lin Fan’s heart suddenly sank, and he felt that his nose was a little sour.

Li Xiuyun did not hesitate to kneel under the eyes of everyone for him, and even planned to suffer for him?


Just when everyone was nervous and speechless, they saw the white tiger kneeling directly in front of Lin Fan, and said respectfully:

“Lin… God of War, I have done everything you told me to do!”

Bai Hu originally wanted to talk about Lin Zuo, but he was afraid of frightening everyone, so he immediately changed his mouth and called God of War.


Even so, it is still deafening!

In the whole hall, madness resounded!

And this simple sentence caused everyone present to tremble fiercely at the same time as if they were electrocuted.


God of War?


For an instant, Li Xian, Zhou Peize and others had their canthus cracked, and they were so scared that they were about to pee.

Lin Fan, is the God of War?

And at this time, they finally knew who Bai Hu had come to the door personally this time, and who was looking for it!

“He… He turned out to be one of the Eight Great War Gods of China? Impossible, this is impossible! “

Li Xian’s eyes are staring out. She has looked down upon her since she was a child. She is now a prestigious God of War in China?

At this moment, she feels that her worldview is It’s about to be subverted!

Even after learning about Lin Fan’s true identity, she started to regret it.

The man she despised is now something she can’t afford.

Although Zhou Peize is great, compared with the God of War, it is like an ant, not worth mentioning!

She doesn’t know how she should face it now. Lin Fan is gone, and the whole person is completely stunned.

The look in Lin Fan’s eyes is like seeing a ghost!

The whole face is already pale, looking in front of him that shabbyly dressed man, she felt so strange.

Not only her!

The neighbors present after hearing Baihu’s words, they all covered themselves one by one. The mouth and the eyes were full-round.

This poor boy who had been missing for more than ten years had already stood at the pinnacle of power when he returned?

And they dare to insult Lin Fan?

Everyone has scalp tingling!

Because they clearly remember that there is one of China’s laws that anyone who insults the warlord will be the death penalty is punished.

What’s more, Lin Fan is not a general, but the god of war!

Especially Zhou Peize!

At this time, he was already scared to pee!

After all, among these people, he hates insulting Lin Fan the most!

In case Lin Fan gets angry, it’s not impossible to shoot him on the spot?

Thinking of this, his legs suddenly became weak, and the cold sweat continued to flow from his forehead, and his face was completely distorted.

And now!

Lin Fan ignored the shock of everyone.

He stood up directly and walked towards Li Xiuyun!


As he got up, everyone backed in horror, looking at Lin Fan with a horrified look.

But Lin Fan directly helped Li Xiuyun up, and said with a smile:

“Uncle Li, the only one here, you don’t have to kneel!”

In one sentence, everyone present was completely scared to pee!



Everyone suddenly knelt down in a panic, their eyes were full of deep fear and panic, staring at Lin Fan extremely nervously.

By what Lin Fan means, doesn’t it mean that they are going to kneel?

At this time, they all felt that they were just a humble ant in front of Lin Fan, so they didn’t even dare to breathe.

Extreme fear!

Li Xiuyun only felt that she was dreaming, and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief:

“Xiao Fan… Are you a god of war? “

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