Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1422

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Chapter 1422

Although he knew that Lin Fan would surely be on the same footing in the future, what he didn’t expect was that Lin Fan’s identity would be so exaggerated!turned out to be one of the eight patron saints of China?

This is incredible!

Lin Fan smiled and nodded:
“Yes, so I can arrange for you to enter the wedding banquet in Lin Zuo!”


Upon hearing this, everyone was in an uproar and completely reacted.

Lin Fan is not bragging!

He is really capable of allowing the Li family to enter the wedding banquet of Lin Zuo. After all, he is the God of War.

Even the God of War cannot enter, so who else is eligible to enter?
They understood everything. It turned out that what Lin Fan meant was the unemployed vagrant. He is the god of war, where does he need to work?

“Okay!” Okay! I know my son is not an ordinary person! Okay! “

Li Xiuyun’s eyes flushed with excitement, and she could only say yes, she didn’t know what to use to describe her mood.

Lin Fan, he didn’t let him down!

Exceeded his expectations!

For a long time, Wang Yanli and Li Xian said that he had no eyes, but they thought that Lin Fan could have a great future, but now?
Who dares to say that he has no eyes?

Lao Tzu is a wise eye and bead!

At this time, Li Xiuyun only felt that Lin Fan’s ambition had brought him supreme glory and made him burst into tears with joy.

God of War? is directly under Lin Zuo!

Based on the relationship between their Li family and Lin Fan, let Lin Fan introduce Lin Zuo. Isn’t that a matter of minutes?

The neighbors present are also very regretful!

After all, they and Lin Fan are old acquaintances. If he asks Lin Fan to recommend him cheeky, he should not be embarrassed to refuse, right?

But now, it’s too late to say anything!

They insulted Lin Fan and cut off this last chance!

That’s a dignified God of War!

Later, they said they were relatives and friends of God of War, neighbors in the neighborhood, who would dare to insult them?

At the moment, the faces of those relatives, friends, and neighbours in the neighbourhood are filled with deep regret one after another.

And now!

Lin Fan put an invitation letter on the table and said with a smile:

“Uncle Li, this is the invitation letter for the wedding banquet. With this invitation letter, you A family can go directly to the infield and see Lin Zuo directly!”

“I can see that you are busy today, so we will drink the bar another day!”


He was taken out of Li’s house by Baihu under the eyes of everyone’s regretful eyes!

At this time, Li Xian finally woke up like a dream, followed by like crazy, stumbled to the table, and opened the invitation letter!

“Golden Sister Letter!”

Li Xian was completely desperate, and recognized this invitation letter at a glance.

Immediately afterwards, her body was shaky, and she fell to the ground feebly, muttering to herself as if she had lost her soul:

“Really It’s a letter from the Jinxuan, an invitation letter from the infield!”

She knows it very well!

Even Zhou Peize was just an invitation letter from the outfield, but Lin Fan…

Needless to say, the facts are already in sight, Lin Fan It is indeed the God of War!

The man she despised, now she is afraid that she won’t even look at her straight, but she has the face to insult him?

It is so ridiculous!

Li Xian nowadays, can’t wait to find a hole to drill. She guessed that Lin Fan thought of her as a clown at the time, right?
She missed a god of war?

Not to mention her, even Wang Yanli’s heart is full of regret that is the God of War!

The powerful God of War!

Marry him, his Li family must be among the first-tier giants!

From a young age, she looked down on Lin Fan, and even more disagreed with Li Xiuyun’s betrothed Li Xian to Lin Fan. Now it seems that she has no eyes!

At this time, both the mother and daughter had an urge to cry, and the expressions on their faces were terminally ill, full of despair.

But at this time, Li Xiuyun sneered, and looked at Li Xian coldly:

“I regret it now? It’s too late!”

“If you used to treat Xiaofan Good point, even if he looks down on you, but at least your nominal brother and sister of the God of War, he will treat you badly?”

“At that time, our Li family could still rely on you. The son of brother alms?”

At this point, Li Xiuyun hated iron and steel and shook his head:

“Now, it’s too late to say anything! From now on. ..”

“You have nothing to do with you anymore!”

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