Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1423

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Chapter 1423


Li Xian collapsed completely when she heard this.

The tears of regret came out completely.

She also knows that in the future, Lin Fan will come to her house again for Li Xiuyun, not for her.

In her capacity, she will never be able to climb Lin Fan!

And now!

Li Xiuyun glared at everyone and roared,

“Now, who else would dare to say that I have no eyes and look at Lin Fan?”

The audience was silent. !

Everyone’s faces are full of bitterness.

Look high?

This is clearly an underestimation!

“Don’t be so angry, old man.”
Wang Yanli hurriedly persuaded.

“Shut up!”

Li Xiuyun was completely exposed, pushed Wang Yanli away, angrily,

“From childhood to adulthood, if it weren’t for you instill your daughter the thought of being too poor and loving the rich, how can she look down on Xiao Fan?”

“Say I mess up the mandarin ducks? I think it’s your dog who looks down on people!”

Watching Li Xiuyun furious, Wang Yanli didn’t dare to scream, she just shed tears in regret.


This is not over yet, Li Xiuyun still said angrily:

“And you, today, if Xiao Fan didn’t look at my face, you just insulted him like you did and shot him. You can do it!”

Everyone can only smile awkwardly, and feel chills in their backs.

Insulting the God of War, this is a capital crime!

Seeing Li Xiuyun so vigorously admiring Lin Fan, his love rival, Zhou Peize suddenly became angry. Unconvinced said:

“Isn’t it the God of War? When the Lin Zuo wedding banquet begins, if I can befriend Lin Zuo, even the God of War will not be in my eyes!”

Said now, he looked at Li Xian affectionately:

“My dear, you believe me, I will not let you down!”

“Anyway, I will let Lin Zuo appreciate me and reuse me!”

Li Xian stopped crying and looked at Zhou Peize and said,

“Zhou Peize, you must not let Lin Fan compare Now, I want you to stamp him on the soles of your feet!”

Li Xiuyun’s expression was completely ashen. Seeing his good daughter and son-in-law were so stubborn, he didn’t even bother to speak.

Shook his head in disappointment, then got up and left,

The dignified Chinese God of War, can you step on it if you want?

Extremely stupid!


He didn’t know that Lin Fan was not the God of War, but a more terrifying army seat than the God of War!


And now!

Bai family!

The Bai family at this time is more lively than ever!

Those friends, relatives, and some business partners who had no longer walked around, but at this time, gathered together at Bai’s house! The reason for

It is very simple, that is, the Bai family has received an invitation letter from Lin Zuo!

“Master Bai, your Bai family is blessed! If you can be favored by Lin Zuo, the future Jiangshi, I am afraid that you will have to change your masters!”

“Yes, yes I heard that Lin Zuo’s wedding invitation is not even qualified to receive a provincial-level boss!”

“Master Bai, tell us, how did you meet Lin Zuo?”

Those guests are babbling, and there is a deep envy in their eyes.

Because they all know that the Bai family can be favored by Lin Zuo, and the future development will surely soar!


The old man Bai also laughed from ear to ear, and said complacently:

“I don’t know why Lin Zuo would throw an olive branch to our Bai family. I think he values the development prospects of my Bai family!”

He didn’t expect that the prestigious forest seat would give them a wedding invitation to a desolate family!

This is simply a great opportunity for them to stand up!

With this wedding invitation, in the future, their Bai family will be in Jiangshi, and they will walk sideways. Who dares to offend?

It’s really an infinite road!

“I thought that if Lin Fan and Bai Yi were offended before, their Bai family would be destroyed!”

Who would have thought that there will be a bright future, and good things will come again.

“Hahaha, Mr. Bai, I will be highly regarded by Lin Zuo in the future, but don’t forget our old brothers!”

” Yes, we will all have to rely on you in the future The Bai family is here! It’s all you can do as a cow or a horse!” The big bosses from all walks of life in Jiang City said, one after another to please.

And now!

The members of the Bai family all looked at people from their nostrils. They were extremely proud and looked like a villain.

No wonder they are like this!

The Lin Zuo, one of the most powerful in China, values their Lin family, and they will surely rise to the top of their power in the future.

Who dare to be disrespectful?

At this moment, they felt that they had already been on the branch, and each of them felt that they were already the top dignitaries.

Especially Bai Yifan!
At this time, it’s even more arrogant. Looking at the flattering face, he even said with a sneer:

“Then it depends on whether you will be human, if you are willing Let us be cattle and horses for our Bai family. After our Bai family has grown up, we don’t mind taking you on a ride.”


The audience was silent!

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