Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1424

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Chapter 1424

Hearing Bai Yifan’s almost humiliating words, all the bosses suddenly looked embarrassed, suppressing the anger in their hearts.

Haven’t even started to write the horoscope, did you start to make the score first?

But now, they dare not speak, after all, the current Bai family is the celebrity in front of Lin Zuo.

They can’t afford to offend!

And just now!

There was a sudden call from the door:

“Bai Yi, Lin Fan is here!”


Hearing this report, the Bai family’s face was completely gloomy.

A deep anger also appeared in his eyes.

It’s not just the Bai family!

The guests present also showed playful smiles. They had also heard that Bai Yi, the granddaughter of the Bai family, married a trash, but it happened that the trash caused them to the Bai family. Repeatedly suffer big losses.

“Now that I dare to visit, there is a good show!”

“It made our Bai family so miserable, they still have a face!”
The old man suddenly snorted coldly, with a deep hatred on his face.


They don’t have to be afraid of Lin Fan and Bai Yi anymore, because now they are favored by Lin Zuo, so they need to look at Bai Yi’s face?

From now on, Bai Yi will no longer be able to help them!

All the Bai family members are also aware of this, so they are all arrogant and full of disdain.

In their eyes, Bai Yi and Lin Fan are like ants.

“Grandpa, in my opinion, it must be Bai Yi and they knew that we were invited by the Lin family, so they planned to come to curry favor with our Bai family.”

Bai Yifan snorted coldly, his face Written with pride:

“After cheating on our Bai family, it is shameless to want to come to curry favor!”

“Grandpa, you can’t be soft-hearted!”

Elder Bai suddenly sneered and said:

“I have killed them all, so how can I feel soft?”

“Wait. Now! Once our Bai family rises, I will definitely have to pay a heavy price for Lin Fan and Bai Yi! Regaining the family business that belongs to our Bai family!” The words just fell off!

Lin Fan and Bai Yi have joined hands together!

The two didn’t want to come to this ghost place again, but as a younger generation, they were married, and out of courtesy, they had to personally invite the elders in the family.


The moment when the two talents just stepped into it!
The old man glared at each other, and then angrily scolded:

“What are you doing? Get out of me!”


Bai Yi is completely stunned!

She never expected that she came to invite her grandpa to a banquet, but the door had not yet entered, and she had suffered such treatment for a century.

It’s not just Mr. Bai, everyone in the Bai family is also glaring at them at this time.

There was a strong resentment in those eyes, as if he was anxious to smash Lin Fan’s body!

“Lin Fan, do you guys and dogs still have a face?”

“Dog men and women! Didn’t you make my Bai family miserable enough? Now I’m here to find death. Is it?”


A vicious insult rang out one after another!

See here!

Bai Yi’s face was completely gloomy, and her heart was completely cold!

The family is thinking of redeeming this family relationship, but the Bai family simply dismissed them and did not treat them as human beings.

At this time, Lin Fan also smiled, with such contempt and disdain.

The Bai family, he is afraid they will never repent until they die!

At this time, Bai Yiqiang suppressed the anger in his heart and said indifferently:

“Grandpa, I will hold a wedding banquet with Lin Fan in Tianjiuhua Mansion three days later. I hope you will Can come and participate!”


As soon as the voice fell, ridicule was everywhere!

“Bai Yi, don’t dream anymore! Marrying this trash has lost the face of our Bai family for so many years, and now you want us to attend your wedding? We can’t afford to lose that person!”
“That’s right, we are going to attend a dignified wedding banquet three days later, how can we have time to take care of your couple of dogs?”

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