Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1429

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Chapter 1429

This time!

Li Xiuyun and others were also present, and Li Xian’s eyes were full of envy and jealousy after seeing these extremely luxurious decorations.

“It’s so stylish! I’m afraid I won’t be able to enjoy this kind of wedding in my life, right?”

This is probably every woman’s dream!

And Li Xiuyun sneered:

“Isn’t your husband very good? Let you buy it for you? I think he is a small group owner, shouldn’t it be difficult?”
Hear the words!

Zhou Peize suddenly cursed in his heart that he is not dead!

How could he be so extravagant?

Just to book a wedding banquet in Jiuhuafu this day, you have to start with eight figures!

Not to mention, these luxurious and outrageous decorations, which add up to several hundred million, right?

Use a few hundred million to hold a banquet. Is it true that your daughter is not diamond-studded?

Seeing Zhou Peize not speaking, Li Xian also smiled bitterly, apparently also aware of his thoughts at this time.


A red festive helicopter flicked over their heads. When everyone saw it, they were completely shocked!

“It’s the reception team back! The first lady is here!”

Everyone suddenly looked up excitedly, wondering what kind of woman it is that can live so well and can Let the dignified Lin Zuo willingly bow down under her pomegranate skirt!

The helicopter landed in the backyard, and the Bai Yi family just got off the plane and was shocked again!

In front of you!

Thousands of bridesmaids and waiters, all side by side, bowed to her respectfully:

“Congratulations to Mrs. Lin!”

Bai Yi was completely frightened. Now, her face is pale!

She kept shook her head:

“It’s not me, it can’t be me! You must be mistaken!”

How can she be? , Can a thousand people be saddled?
She can’t believe it!

On the side, Long Jiu also smiled. If Bai Yi knew what Lin Fan did for her, she would be even more shocked, right?


Lin Fan used the power of a province to host this wedding banquet for her!

The debt owed over the past three years, today she have all made up!

“Miss Bai Yi, don’t doubt it! Today’s protagonist is you!”

“All these were arranged by Mr. Lin! You enter the banquet soon, don’t let the guests wait in a hurry!” Long Jiu said kindly, and then involuntarily took Bai Yi’s hand and strode towards the venue.

Just! When walked to the hall, they suddenly saw Shen Jian and Cuiping.

When both of them saw Bai Yi, they were also taken aback, and then there were ill-intentioned smiles on their faces.

And then!

The two strode forward, pushing Long Jiu away involuntarily, holding Bai Yi’s hand one left and the other right.

“Bai Yi, let’s take you to the venue!”


Long Jiu was pushed like this, suddenly became angry, and asked angrily:

“Miss Bai Yi, who are these two people?”

He is Commander Jiangnan has never been insulted like this.

Bai Yi explained with a wry smile:

“They are my uncle and aunt!”
Long Jiu was shocked, and quickly suppressed the dissatisfaction in his heart, and said flatly, “Since I am a relative of Miss Bai Yi, let them take you to the venue!”

Miss Bai Yi’s relatives are Lin Zuo’s relatives, so don’t offend them!

“It’s good to know, nothing is wrong with you, you can go!” Cuiping said impatiently, and then directly took Bai Yi and left.

At this time!

In that wedding banquet, everyone looked forward to it, and the audience was silent, all looking nervously towards the passage!

There is no concealment of excitement and ecstasy on his face!

Soon, they will see Lin Zuo!

He saw the mysterious man!

The Shen family and the Bai family didn’t even dare to blink their eyes at this time, for fear that they might miss something in the blink of an eye.

And not long after, the emcee ran to the stage in a pleasant surprise and shouted:

“Next, let us invite the bride of this wedding to appear!”

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