Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1428

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Chapter 1428

Ahead! There are several helicopters parked in

, as well as countless luxury cars, all of which are lined up with the festive “囍” in the sky.

Full of style and shocking!

Especially those helicopters!

Bai Yi and others could tell at a glance that it was a military helicopter!

To pick up the relatives, use a military helicopter?

Are they dreaming?

At the moment, the family of three is almost paralyzed by fright, and even more can’t believe that this is here to pick them up.

Lin Fan, can you have this kind of ability?

Can you even call a military helicopter to get married?


This must be an illusion!


At this moment, Long Jiu walked down from a helicopter, walked towards Bai Yi quickly, and said respectfully:

“Excuse me, yes Miss Bai Yi?”

Wow! really came to pick me up?

Bai Yi was completely dumbfounded, she recognized the old man at a glance, he was the commander-in-chief of Jiangnan, a veritable military leader.

, she actually came to welcome him in person?


At this time, Bai Yi felt like she was going crazy!

The scene before me is incredible!

In the next moment, she looked stupid and couldn’t believe it:

“I am Bai Yi, may I ask you… why are you looking for me?”

Long Jiu smiled and said:

“In the name of Mr. Lin, we are here to invite you to this wedding banquet!”


The atmosphere of the audience was completely burst!

Everyone’s eyes are full of shock and incredible!

Lin Fan!

Is it really Lin Fan?

How is this possible!

Lin Fan, a door-to-door son-in-law, how could he have such an ability!

When the neighbors in the neighborhood saw this place, they regretted it more and more.

After a long time, Lin Fan is pretending to be rubbish!

In fact, he is the real super boss, but they used to look down on him like that, really blind!

At this time, they all felt that they had missed a great opportunity to become so successful.

“You are mistaken, you must be mistaken! My husband is not so capable!”

Bai Yi kept shook her head, unable to believe that all of this was due to Lin Fan.

After three years of getting along, she already knows Lin Fan.

What is his ability to let Long Jiu lead the team and call a military helicopter to greet him?

“Yes, Mr. Long, you must be mistaken! Where are we qualified to enjoy such a privilege?”
Baishan also smiled bitterly, and felt it was impossible.


Long Jiu smiled and shook his head:

“Mr. Bai, if you are not qualified, then no one in the world is qualified?”
Without waiting for Bai Shan and others to continue speaking, Long Jiu urged:

“Mr. Lin asked me to keep it secret, so after arriving at the scene, let him explain it to you personally! “

Bai Yi and the others suddenly turned up the stormy sea!

Unimaginable doubts linger in my heart, lingering!

Then, they got on the helicopter with anxiety.

Head towards Tianjiu Huafu!

Lin Zuo’s wedding banquet is officially opened!


And at the same time!

The Bai family and the Shen family also rushed to the wedding banquet one after another!

Their faces are full of deep ecstasy, which can hardly hide the excitement.

Even more! They also ordered the female relatives in their home that today, no matter what, they must try their best to find ways to make Lin Zuo feel good about them.

It doesn’t matter even if you are a lover!

Being able to be lovers of such an existence is a blessing that you have cultivated in your eight lifetimes!

So today, all the unmarried female families of the two families are dressed very coolly, and it can be said that all the places where they can be exposed are exposed.

Each one has the dream of “sparrows fly on branches and become phoenixes”!

When they arrived at the venue, they were completely dumbfounded!

Everything in front of me can only be described as magnificent!



It’s like a king’s wedding!

All the plates are made of pure gold!

What’s more, the wedding avenue that the bride and groom walked out was actually paved with diamonds!

All women, completely crazy!

In this life, if they could have such a grand wedding, they would be happy to live 20 years less!

“The Lin Zuo wedding is indeed a century wedding!”

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