Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1427

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Chapter 1427

After coming out of Shen’s house, Bai Yi always felt that something was wrong.

So, she looked at Lin Fan suspiciously:

“Lin Fan, do you think they are too easy to talk?”

“It stands to reason, they killed Shen Ling and knocked the Shen family into the bottom. They shouldn’t be so good at talking.”

Even more, she had planned to go home today.

But the Shen family just asked them to change the wedding banquet venue?

“You can see it?”

Lin Fan also smiled:

“From my point of view, they must be uneasy, maybe they want to be at the wedding Embarrass us?”


Bai Yi directly exploded, and said in horror:

“Then we should reschedule the wedding or not invite them.”


Lin Fan smiled slightly and said nonchalantly:

“Don’t worry! Soldiers will come to cover the water and earth, if they are obedient, then that’s fine, but if they dare to mess around, then I will let them go around without eating.”

Lin Fan’s voice was full of strong and spicy.

Three days, fleeting!

On this day, Lin Zuo fainted!

The streets of Jiangshi are covered with roses on both sides!

Major news media, take turns reporting! can be called a sensation of the century, the scene is magnificent!

This is the only wedding on official news in the history of China, and it can be said to have attracted much attention.

And now!

Bai Yi is also at home, dressing up carefully. At this time, she is wearing a pure and flawless wedding dress, which is generous and graceful, just like a beauty stepping out of a painting.

And Shen Yumei on the side also kept wiping her tears:

“Bai Yi, you are so beautiful today! Mom never thought that one day, you would be so beautiful!”

“Look at you, this happy day, what are you crying for!”

Baishan said in an unhappy manner.


Only then did Shen Yumei stare at him:

“Also talking about me? Just hiding in a corner and wiping tears?”

Upon hearing this, Baishan’s face immediately blushed, and he quibbleed:

“Nonsense! Then my eyes are in the sand!”

The two elders were very excited!

Neither did they expect to see Bai Yi hold a decent wedding in their lifetime.

Although they looked down on Lin Fan before, they have also awakened through their knowledge during this period of time.

Although Lin Fan has no abilities, he is dedicated to this family.

Several times, even for them, he was almost killed by committing a personal risk!

Even if they let Lin Fan leave, Lin Fan is unwilling to leave, he is about to live and die with them, such a good boy, what reason do they have to provoke?

At this time, they watched Lin Fan and Bai Yi’s upcoming wedding, both of them were moved and blessed from the heart.

At the same time!

The rock in her heart finally fell!

In this way, Lin Fan won’t be more powerful!

Their family must be with He Meimei for life!


No matter how others say Lin Fan is useless, they don’t care anymore.

And now!

Their babysitter stumbled and ran in with a look of horror!

“Master, madam, young lady, something is wrong!”

“What’s the matter?”

Baishan’s expression changed drastically. ?

Even Bai Yi can’t help but frown. Isn’t it because the Shen family is planning to make trouble?

“No, yes… Oh! I can’t tell, come out and see for yourself!”

The babysitter is already incoherent, just shaking all over, even talking. It’s not complete, and he pointed at the door.

The Bai Yi family, full of tension and anxiety, quickly walked towards the door.

Then outside!

All the neighbours in the neighbourhood were nervously watching, with deep envy and shock in their eyes!

Seeing that the Baiyi family came out, they immediately greeted them:

“Yumei, you… is your family going to become more prosperous?”
“Baishan, you are really not interesting! Your family has such a big background, and you are not hiding it from us?”

“Bai Yi, we used to look down on people with a dog. Whoever is with your family, it turns out that he is the real dragon and phoenix. We were wrong! We apologize to you, don’t remember to hate us! “

Those neighbours in the neighbourhood are flattering, it’s hard. Cover the envy and excitement in his eyes.

Huh? The words of completely stunned the Baishan family.

“What are you talking about, why don’t we understand?”

The Baishan family only felt stunned and completely unable to understand!

“It’s still pretending to be garlic. Everyone has come to get married. Look!”


Bai Yi looked in the direction they were pointing!


In an instant, the family of three was completely confused!

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