Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1426

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Chapter 1426

Cuiping smiled bitterly, and said,

“Father-in-law, I heard that the couple of dogs and dogs would like to invite the Bai family to join them. We can pretend to take them to the wedding banquet of Lin Zuo, and then take Bai Yi wearing a wedding dress to the main venue!”

“Hey, if Lin Zuo and Mrs. Lin Zuo knew one If outsiders steal their limelight, what will happen to them?”


The entire Shen family was completely shocked.

If this is the case, the couple Lin Zuo must be furious.

The two of them planned the wedding of the century, but Bai Yi, a strange woman, took the limelight. He doesn’t know if she thought she was a bride, so the Lin Zuo couple could let them go?

Lin Fan and Bai Yi are bound to die!

“Okay! Okay! My wife is smart, this trick is absolutely amazing!”

Shen Jian suddenly laughed, and was also ecstatic at this time.

“Okay! Cuiping, your idea is good, just do as you say!” Mr. Shen said with a grinning smile,

“This time I want Lin Fan and Bai Yi to die without a place to die!”

They all plan to frame Lin Fan and Bai Yi!

Not long after, Lin Fan and Bai Yi walked in and invited them to the wedding, as always.

Seeing Shen Jian and Cuiping, Lin Fan suddenly sneered,

“Uncle, aunt, it’s been a long time! I didn’t expect to see you again at Shen’s house!”


As soon as these words came out, Shen Jian and Cuiping’s lungs were exploded.

Immediately, Cuiping glared at Lin Fan, and yelled viciously,

“Lin Fan, you killed my daughter, and you dare to talk cold words? I will never let go. Over yours!


Lin Fan sneered,

“Are you not letting me go, or did I not letting you go? What you did to my parents at the beginning, I haven’t been with You have settled the accounts!”

Hear the words!

Both Shen Jian and his wife laughed hideously, staring at Lin Fan viciously,

“Yes, we did it! We just wanted to kill your family! You! What can you do with us?”


Their Shen family is highly regarded by Lin Zuo, even Bai Yi, the Jiangnan Communist Party, can’t do anything to them.

Therefore, they are extremely arrogant!

At this moment, Bai Yi’s face was extremely gloomy, and the other party nearly killed her parents. In the end, was there a trace of guilt instead, and they even talked coldly?

Is this conscience letting the dog eat it?

Bai Yi regrets coming to invite people like the Bai family and the Shen family. Her relatives are simply inferior to pigs and dogs!


Mr. Shen waved his hand to interrupt everyone, and then unkindly stared at both Lin Fan:

“Let us participate! But, there is a condition!”
“What conditions?”

Bai Yi frowned.

“That is the venue for the wedding, we must choose!”

After saying this, Mr. Shen was already a little excited and rubbing his hands, as if Lin Fanhe at this time Bai Yi was a dead person in his eyes.

He is determined to kill both Lin Fan!

All the Shen family present also sneered, with a sullen look in their eyes, looking forward to seeing how unlucky Lin Fan is.

Bai Yi was also a little suspicious, and asked:

“Where do you think it should be held?”

“Of course it is the best hotel in the entire Jiangnan Province. It’s Tianjiu Huafu!”


When these words came out, both Lin Fan and Bai Yi were taken aback. Isn’t this the place where their wedding was held?

“Okay, yes!”

Bai Yi directly agreed.



Elder Shen and others never thought that Bai Yi would be so simple!


All the Shen family laughed grinningly, staring at Lin Fan and Bai Yi unkindly.

This idiot, she is afraid he still doesn’t know that he has a disaster.

And Mr. Shen also laughed loudly:

“Really my good niece, don’t worry! We will attend your wedding!”

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