Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 144

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Chapter 144


Aunt Zhu Hua was shocked for a moment, but she did not expect that her husband and son would come.

At the moment, she hurriedly took the document and walked forward:

“Haibai, Harper, look at it! This is a letter of commitment to give up the inheritance! Hahaha…I succeeded and finally forced the Elvira family to sign!”


As soon as this remark came out, it was like a thunderous sensation for Haibai and Harper who had just entered.

Give up the inheritance!

After hearing these words, Haibai and Harper got completely stunned.

Just now!

Aunt Zhu Hua didn’t realize that her husband and son’s expressions were wrong at all. She went on asking for credit:

“Haibai, Harper, with this document, if Mr. Bai really dies, the all properties of Bai family will belong to us!”

“What do you think, I did a great job?”

Aunt Zhu Hua’s face is full of pride and contentment.

She waited for the praise and happiness of her husband and son.

Seeing this scene.

The complexion and bitterness of the three members of Elvira’s family became more complex and bitter.

They knew that Haibai had been suppressing his family because he was afraid of competing for property. Now that Zhu Hua has done it, Haibai and Harper must be the happiest people.



Studdenly, the sound of slap came in an instant.

Everyone was stunned to see that Aunt Zhu Hua was fanned to the ground by the Haibai.

be quiet.

Then, the whole world seemed to be quiet.

The letter of commitment in Aunt Zhu Hua’s hand fell to the ground. She covered her cheek with her hand, completely stunned:

“Haibai, why are you hitting me?”


Zhu Hua couldn’t believe that she is being slapped by her husband. This has happend first time after their marriage because Haibai has always loved her.

She obviously had done a great job, and still he slapped her?

How can this be!

“A**hole Haibai, are you mad, why are you hitting me?” After the reaction, the aunt Zhu Hua suddenly sat on the ground, howling and crying.

Seeing this scene, Yang Meifeng who was next to her was also shocked, and quickly said:

“Big brother, what are you doing? Sister-in-law has done something good, why are you…”

Yang Meifeng wanted to help Zhu Hua speak.

But she hasn’t finished her words yet!


It was another loud slap, slapped her face fiercely, and knocked her to the ground too.


This scene was extremely shocking.

Elvira’s family was even more stunned. They couldn’t think of it. Haibai didn’t feel happy when he heard the news. Instead, he slammed his wife Zhu Hua and Yang Meifeng. This was incredible.

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