Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1457

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Chapter 1457

If Wang Feifei insulted her then forget it, but it was Lin Fan that she insulted.

Lin Fan came to help her, but she repeatedly forgave those who insulted Lin Fan. Isn’t this slapping Lin Fan in the face?

Upon hearing these words, Wang Feifei’s whole person suddenly seemed to be frozen, and even Zhang Yichen was unwilling to intercede for her, and then she was completely finished.

Wang Feifei regretted it.

It should not be arrogant, nor should it be so overwhelming.

It was retribution, and even Lin Zuo personally opened her mouth to block her, then she would never stand up again in her life.
After that, Lin Fan looked at Li Quan:

“I want to borrow your office!” After saying

, he looked at the Dragon Tooth members:

“You guys, come with me!”

Those Longya members followed Lin Fan into the office and closed the door at the same time.



It followed one by one kneeling on the ground the big man took the lead and said: “The Dragon Tooth Legion, Kou Jianghuai I beg Lin Zuo to serve as the Chief Instructor of Dragon Tooth!”
And the only female war commander also excitedly shouted:

“The Dragon Tooth Legion, Solanum, I implore Lin Zuo to be the Chief Instructor of Dragon Tooth!” All the members of the Dragon Tooth Legion yelled together, with deep respect on their faces.


Lin Fan frowned and looked back at them:


Solanum hesitated for a moment, or said truthfully:
“Next month, it will be China’s annual Legion competition, and the Owl Legion has won the championship for three consecutive years. We will not let them continue to win the championship this year!” Whenever I hear it, I understand it.”

The Dragon Tooth Legion and the Owl Legion have never been at peace, and there have even been conflicts and deaths due to this.

Back then, during a border guard, the Dragon Tooth Legion desperately resisted the opponent’s 10,000 with a number of 1,000.
The Owl Legion, which was a reinforcement army, was clearly stationed ten miles away, but it was hesitant to support it. He watched the Dragon Tooth Legion die out, and then appeared and repelled the enemy. .

Because no one will fight them for military merit!

As a result, the members of the Dragon Tooth Legion died, but all the credit goes to the Owl Legion, and even the Dragon Tooth Legion was notoriously infamous.

It was also from that time, the two major legions forged feuds!

However, Lin Fan was indifferent and said nonchalantly:

“Let’s go, the Dragon and Tiger Legion never intervenes in the grievances between other Legions. I’m not interested in things, and I don’t want to get involved in the fight between you.” The Dragon and Tiger Legion is an extremely special existence among all legions.

They do not obey any forces, let alone participate in internal struggles, because they only obey one person…

That is Lin Fan!

The Dragon and Tiger Legion has never participated in a legion battle, but no legion has ever dared to look down upon them.

Even the Owl Legion, which has won the first consecutive legion, has been ordered by the opponent, and in any case, it is not allowed to provoke the Dragon and Tiger Legion.

Because this legion is really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and there are many extremely terrifying existences hidden.


Although Lin Fan is not afraid of the Owl Legion, he does not want to establish such a great enemy for himself for no reason!

Moreover, among all the Chinese legions, apart from some friendship with Nihuang’s Northern Army, the other legions have never had any contact.

The other party wanted to use him as a swordsman, it was a joke!

Upon hearing this, the Solanum and others were anxious, and said in amazement:

“As a soldier, don’t you feel that the Xiao Legion’s actions are shameful? “

She originally thought that an existence like Lin Zuo should be hateful and hateful.

Hates the despicable Owl Legion just like them.

But Lin Fan smiled contemptuously and looked at the nightshade with an idiotic look:

“Are you kidding? I have a family and a room now, do you think I will abandon this stable life, but fight and kill with you?”

Solanum palm was shocked, but still said unwillingly:

“If you are worried Your family, then I can assure you that as long as you promise to be our chief instructor, all of our warriors will unconditionally protect your family!”

They must win the forest seat!

This is the only instruction given to them last time.

Because Lin Zuo is the youngest and best army seat in China, only if he serves as the chief instructor of Longya, can Longya have the hope of defeating Xiao.

Lin Fan just shook his head and said indifferently:

“You can go.”

But at this moment, Kou Jianghuai stood there. I got up, looking at Lin Fan with a playful expression:

“Lin Zuo, you will definitely agree!”

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