Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 146

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Chapter 146

The group of people who knelt down includes western medicine madman who crushed Huaxia Chinese Medicine in the previous 12 consecutive victories-Mike, and his team!

A day before he was very arrogent. Now his face was full of fear and anxiety, crying and pleading:

“Miss Elvira, can you please let me see the genius doctor Lin, I was wrong, I have realized that I was wrong. I want to apologize him personally and I will return his kindness!”

“Miss Elvira, we really didn’t intend to humiliate the genius Doctor Lin. We didn’t realize his identity. Please help and save us!”


Each of these foreigners has a thick ashes and despair on their faces.

This is more than that.

The western medical madman Mike, while crying, his eyes rolled around, looking at Shaun next to him.

He faintly guessed the identity of Shaun, but he was not sure, let alone daring to tell.

But now, only begging Elvira is his only way to survive.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Hua and Yang Meifeng, Boom…collapsed to the ground in fear.

“What… how could this be?”

Zhu Hua only felt dizzy, and the deep sense of fear made her almost fainted with fright.

“How did Elvira know the great doctor Lin? Impossible, this…this is not true!”

Yang Meifeng was even scared to pee.

That’s the genius doctor Lin! The existence that can save lives with a wave of hands, who is now the hero of the entire Jiangshi and even China.

But how could Elvira know such a big man.


Facing the big guys who were full of house, bowing or pleading, Bai Shan and Paula couldn’t help but swallowed the spit, and feeling their hearts beating wildly.

They involuntarily looked at their daughter:

“Elvira, when did you meet the genius doctor Lin? Why don’t we know.”

“Dad! Mom! I… I don’t know Doctor Lin!”

At this moment, Elvira almost cried in fear.

She had never seen so many big men, begging hard.

But she really didn’t know the genius doctor Lin.

Do not know?

Hearing this, all tthe people who are begging looked at the senior on the side, and their expressions changed.

However, Elder Gao glanced at Shaun’s expression without missing a trace, and then said to Elvira:

“Miss Elvira, you don’t have to be humble! The genius doctor Lin once said to me that he only listens to your words!”


Does he listen to me?

Hearing these words, Elvira’s delicate body trembled fiercely, and she couldn’t help looking at…Shaun.

Because she remembers clearly.

Shaun said exactly the same thing.

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