Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1460

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Chapter 1460

Three days later, it happens to be the day when New Bai’s new pneumonia vaccine will be launched.

For this reason, Bai Yi invited all the big bosses in Jiangnan to come to this press conference and attend the dinner by the way.

At this time, Lin Fan also received Long Jiu’s report that Lin Chentao was in Jiangshi!


And, the news has been issued, three days later, no one in Jiangnan is allowed to participate in the press conference of the new Bai family.

The offender is to be his enemy!

“That’s it?”

Lin Fan smiled contemptuously, and shook his head:

“I thought, what is so great about the Lin family? The methods were originally pediatrics.”

“It seems that I was underestimated!”

Immediately, a killing machine appeared between Lin Fan’s eyebrows:
“You also pass the order to me. Three days later, those on the invitation list must participate in this press conference!”

“The offenders are also enemies of me! I want to see. , Are they afraid of the Lin family or Lin Zuo!”


And now!

The Zhu family, also received the invitation letter!

“Zhu Ru, your cousin will develop a conference tomorrow, invite us, let’s go together.”

Shen Yuzhi said with joy:

“Her pneumonia vaccine will be on the market soon. This is a good thing for the world. This girl is so prosperous, you can learn more from her.”


Zhu Ru’s face suddenly became ugly, and the jealousy in her heart was almost crazy.

She always looked down upon Bai Yi, thinking that she was married to a waste, but now she is the president and the Jiangnan Communist Party, and she has developed a vaccine that benefits all mankind.

Compared with her, she is not shit, she has been compared severely.

This made her feel a deep resentment.

“I won’t go! That bitch’s current status and status are all obtained by accompanying a man to bed. It’s disgusting! I don’t want to be in the same room with her.”
Zhu Ru said in disgust, deliberately using this to cover up her jealousy.

“You! What nonsense are you talking about! Bai Yi is not that kind of person, what she said is your cousin, how can you say that to her?”

Shen Yuzhi straightened out of anger Shaking, wishing to slap Zhu Ru a few times.

But Zhu Ru sneered and said sarcastically:
“Isn’t it? Otherwise, how could she have the whole Jiangnan bend her ears in just six months?”

“By the Bai family, by the Shen family?”

Shen Yuzhi suddenly couldn’t argue with her, but she also felt that Bai Yi’s sudden change was a little weird.

But she still feels that Bai Yi is not like that person.

At the moment, Shen Yuzhi was cold, and ordered:

“Anyway, you are not allowed to say this to your cousin in the future, don’t heal the scar and forget it hurts!”
“Sneez, as if someone likes to say her!” Zhu Ru replied impatiently.

At this time, Zhu Zhide came back, seeing the mother and daughter blushing, he asked suspiciously:

“What’s the matter with your mothers?”
Seeing Zhu Zhide, Zhu Ru suddenly seemed to see a patron, and said with a smirk:

“Dad, mom asked me to participate in the press conference of that bastard Bai Yi, you say we Do you want to go?”


Unexpectedly, when he heard this, Zhu Zhide suddenly changed his expression and glared at Shen Yuzhi:

“You are going to attend the press conference of that bitch. You are going to kill our family. Is it?”

His eyes are cracked, it looks like he is going to eat people!


Shen Yuzhi couldn’t help but froze, stuttering:

“Isn’t it just attending a press conference? Isn’t it so serious?”
Just attending a press conference?


Zhu Zhide roared like crazy:

“Do you know that Bai Yi is the plague now, everyone stays away?”

“Just now, I received the news that at this press conference, a big man ordered not to attend her press conference, otherwise he would be an enemy of that big man!”
“Do you know who that big man is? He is the Lin family elder, Lin Chentao!”

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