Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1463

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Chapter 1463


Everyone changed their expressions. Is this guy crazy?

They thought that Lin Fan and Bai Yi would be completely angry, and then discarded the coffin, but this guy actually asked to show it?

Is this not embarrassing enough?

Is this guy already mad?

They all feel incredible at this moment!
“Lin Fan, you…”

Even Bai Yi couldn’t help being stunned. By doing this, didn’t Lin Fan embarrass themselves?

As soon as the guest arrived, they were embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, I have my own plan! You need to know, whoever humiliates, people will always humiliate!” Lin Fan said coldly.

Hearing this, Zhu Zhide snorted and said displeasedly:

“Then I want to see, how you can humiliate me!”
A trash, dare to threaten him?

Really ate the ambition of the leopard!


Zhu Zhide ignored the two and led the crowd into the venue in a stride.

The face is full of pride!

After arriving at the venue, he saw that the entire venue was empty, only a few waiters.

“Hahaha, Bai Yi, it seems that we are your only guests today. You should really appreciate us and still look up to you.” Zhu Zhide said harshly, as if to come here. The press conference is like a great gift to Bai Yitian.

Zhu Ru, who was on the side, also smirked and laughed:

“I’m laughing so hard, your Xinbai clan is too pitiful, right? There was a press conference, but there was no Come alone.”

“I guess, it’s because your cousin has a bad reputation, so they won’t come.”

Bai Yi was trembling with anger, and really wanted to drive this family out.

Since she appeared, she has insulted her again and again, do you really think she is good for bullying?

Without waiting for Bai Yi to speak, Lin Fan said coldly:

“Don’t worry, there are many guests we invited, and they will all show up.”

Zhu Ru and others were all stunned, and there was a sneer at the corners of their mouths, as if they had heard a big joke.

This idiot, probably didn’t know that Lin Chentao was the one who offended him?

So naive!

If you really want guests to come, that’s the hell!

How could those big guys offend Lin Chentao for the sake of a little new Bai clan?

“Joke, what are you guys qualified to let those big guys here? It’s really overkill!”

“Bai Yi, now do you know what the sky is high, right? It’s not that easy to run a company!”

“Today your Xinbai clan besides us, if someone else comes to celebrate your accomplishments, I will write three words upside down!”
The three of them are triumphant, humiliating Bai Yi to the utmost.

And hearing this, Bai Yi’s face also became extremely ugly, and the aggrieved people almost cried.

It’s four o’clock, but no one is here. It seems like Zhu Zhide and the others said, no one will be here today.

But right now!

A roar of cars, suddenly sounded from the door!
“President, a guest is here!” The secretary hurriedly came to report.

What! The expression of suddenly changed Zhu Ru’s family’s expression. At this time, they couldn’t believe their ears.

A visitor is coming?

What a joke!

Who is so brave to take the risk of offending Lin Chentao to attend this bitch’s celebration feast?


Bai Yi also lit up, and then walked out quickly, preparing to welcome the guests personally.

In an instant, Zhu Ru and the others’ faces became unsightly, and a touch of anger appeared in their eyes.

“Let’s go, let’s go and see, who on earth dare to die!”

Then a group of people came to the door!

She saw Mercedes-Benz Maybach one after another, all of them drove through the gate, and then four people in luxurious clothes walked down from the car.

They are the four masters of Jiangnan!

“It turned out to be the four masters! It is estimated that they are also looking at the face of the King of the Blood Prison, and only give Bai Yi a three-point thin face. Apart from them, no one will come again.”
Zhu Zhide suddenly realized, and then said with contempt.

“Bai Yi is really shameless, and she went to bed with a man, and even hooked up with the King of the Blood Prison.”

Zhu Ru coldly snorted, in fact, she was jealous. Crazy, she also wanted to be the lover of the King of Blood Prison, but unfortunately she didn’t have that life.

As soon as their voices fell, a shocking scene happened!


Under their unbelievable gaze, cars kept coming in from the end of the road.

For an instant, the door of the deserted hotel was filled with people’s shadows.

Each one is a million-level luxury car!

What’s more, come directly by private helicopter!

Everyone’s faces were filled with awe and anxiety, and they rushed towards the entrance of this hotel.

Zhu Zhide was already dumbfounded, and screamed in horror:

“Impossible, this is impossible!”

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