Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1462

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Chapter 1462

As for Lin Fan’s irrelevant words, Bai Yi just shook her head and didn’t take it seriously.

She is used to it too, and Lin Fan often utters wild words.

And at this moment, a Mercedes-Benz car slowly entered the field.

This suddenly made Bai Yi’s eyes bright, and said in surprise:

“A guest is here!”

Lin Fan also said with a smile:

“I said they dare not?”


Next, they saw the proud Zhu Zhide family getting out of the car.

At the moment, Lin Fan and Bai Yi’s faces are not very good, and they did not expect that the first group of guests who came would not wait to see their aunt’s family.

“Oh, as I expected, there is no one at all. Tsk tsk! It’s so shabby!”

When she got out of the car, Zhu Ru started to be a demon. Ironically.

And these words directly made Bai Yi’s face turn blue.

And Zhang Kaiming also sneered:

“You actually want the host to welcome the guests personally. Are your Xinbais so poor? Don’t wear such a big hat if you don’t have such a big head, and even develop a conference. Isn’t this embarrassing?”

“Okay, don’t say a few words!”

Shen Yuzhi scolded with an ugly expression.

“Auntie, uncle!”

Bai Yiqiang held back his anger and shouted.

But Zhu Zhide didn’t even look at her, as if he hadn’t heard.

On the contrary, it was Shen Yuzhi, worriedly stepping forward and holding Bai Yi’s hand:

“Bai Yi, tell the truth, did you get into trouble?”
Get into trouble?

Bai Yi was stunned. She still didn’t know what Lin Chentao had done to her, so she felt baffled.

“Auntie, what are you talking about? How did I get into trouble?”

“Are you still lying to me? Auntie knows all about it, you…”

Shen Yuzhi wanted to say something, but Zhu Zhide scolded in an angry tone:

“If you should say it, shut up if you shouldn’t!”
Shen Yuzhi sighed and dared not talk nonsense anymore.

She was also worried that she would offend Lin Chentao and cause their family to suffer.

Bai Yi felt even more strange.

“Cousin, today is your press conference and celebration banquet, so I specially prepared a gift for you!”

Zhu Ru said with a sinister smile, staring at Bai Yi the look in her eyes is like looking at a dying person.
And Bai Yi couldn’t help but was stunned:

“What kind of gift?”

“Don’t worry, we will be behind us in a while! This kind of gift, wait a minute. , It will definitely work!”

Zhu Ru laughed loudly, but there was a deep sarcasm in her laughter.

Not long after, a small truck drove into the parking lot, and then a few workers moved directly down a behemoth.

After seeing the object, Bai Yi’s expression was completely distorted, and a deep anger appeared in her eyes.

Because of that, it turned out to be a coffin!

Today, at her New Bai’s celebration banquet, Zhu Ru actually gave her a coffin?

This is simply cursing her to die sooner!

Immediately, Bai Yi was furious and scolded:

“Zhu Ru, what do you mean?” Shen Yuzhi beside

“She did not expect herself my daughter would be so overwhelmed that her teeth tickled with anger:”

“Zhu Ru, what is going on?”

Zhu Ru laughed:
“Didn’t I see that my cousin will be dead right away? So what’s wrong with sending the coffin?”

“Cousin, I am afraid that you will die without a place to be buried. I wish you an early return to the West. “

Bai Yi was trembling with anger.

It is too much!

She kindly invited the family to participate in the press conference, and even wanted to introduce some bigwigs for them.

But they returned her like this?

Wish she died sooner?

Immediately, Bai Yi wanted to get angry and drive all these people away.


Lin Fan grabbed her, and a sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth:

“This gift is very unique! But I hope you guys will not regret it for a while!”


Zhu Ru and others immediately showed disdain, and sneered in their hearts:

“I’m afraid that you should regret it later, is it you?”

, Shen Yuzhi sighed, only feeling that Zhu Ru had lost her face.

However, right now!

The next sentence of Lin Fan caused them all to fall into astonishment.

She saw Lin Fan with a smile on his face, and said lightly:

“Put the coffin in the most conspicuous part of the hall to make sure everyone can see it!”

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