Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1465

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Chapter 1465

“Dad, what are you kidding? Why should we apologize to that bitch?”

Zhu Ru directly exploded and said angrily:

“These guys are looking for death do you want to bury them too? If you offend Young Master Lin, our family might be ruined!”
Zhu Zhide is miserable, with a deep worry on his face:

“But they behaved too abnormally. I always feel that something bad is waiting for us.”


Zhu Ru snorted coldly, and said with extreme disdain:

“Dad, you worry too much! Bai Yi and Lin Fan are dead today! Because I have heard that the third young master of the Lin family was killed by Bai Yi!”

“This kind of under circumstances, do you think the Lin family will recover?”


Zhu Zhide suddenly changed his expression and looked at Bai Yi in disbelief.

The third young master of the Lin family was actually killed by this bitch?

Is this too courageous?

This is too long!

Right now, he no longer worries, and then stares at Bai Yi coldly:

“Bai Yi, don’t think these big guys can change anything by attending your press conference. People who dare to move the Lin family, I don’t know how you died!”


The voice just fell!

“Miss Bai Yi Bodhisattva has a heart to save all living beings, Huarong Real Estate specially prepares an “Emerald Bodhisattva”!”

“Jinniu Industry, presents a pure gold plaque “Hanging Pot for the World” Vice, I wish the new Bai family become stronger and stronger, and create greater glories!”

At this time, one by one, one by one, one by one, one after another!

And the identities are more terrifying, and the gifts given to Bai Yi are getting more and more expensive.

From several million to tens of millions, even more than 100 million later!

This scene made the people of the Zhu family go crazy with jealousy.

They have never seen so many rare treasures in their lives.

“They won’t be proud of it for long, even if these treasures are really given to them, they will not be blessed to accept it!” Zhu Ru said with hatred.

At this time, Bai Yi was also completely dumbfounded, as if she couldn’t believe this scene was true.

These big bosses not only rewarded her for attending her press conference, but even gave valuable gifts.

What the hell is this?

You know, each of these bigwigs has assets of more than tens of billions!

Don’t say it’s in Jiangnan anymore it can be regarded as a figure with a good face throughout China.

But their faces are filled with flattering smiles, but their eyes are also filled with awe.

Are they still afraid of them?

“Are you dreaming?

However, there is more to it!”

“Mr. Long is here!”

There was a pass from outside the door, and then Long Jiu took Long Qianxi into the field together.

This scene directly shocked the Zhu Ru family’s jaw!

Long Jiu, Jiangnan Commander!

Did he come too?

Is this an illusion?

It is no exaggeration to say that this person’s weight is much heavier than all the people present together!

This is a lifelong warrior, a respected old man!
In the whole Jiangnan, who shouldn’t act with his wink?

Even if Lin Chentao is well, even if he is not afraid of him, he must not be called the old dragon in honor.


Such beings were also invited to come to congratulate Bai Yi?

Then how could Bai Yi have such a big face?

Bai Yi was also dumbfounded, how could Long Jiu help her again and again?

Now, she seemed to have thought of something, and turned to look at Lin Fan:

“Lin Fan, did you do this?”
Lin Fan smiled and shook his head:

“How can I have such a great ability, I think it should be Lin Zuo?”

And at this time, Long Jiu is already Holding Bai Yi’s hand enthusiastically, he said with a smile:

“President Bai, congratulations! Congratulations! The new pneumonia vaccine you developed this time is a great achievement for China. “

“Don’t worry! I have notified the whole Jiangnan that from today, all the documents and procedures related to the vaccine will be given the green light, and strive to make this vaccine successfully listed in the shortest possible time!”

Upon hearing this, the eyes of everyone present started to stare.

Naturally, they knew that as Long Jiu, they would never try to indulge in the younger Xin Bai family. This must be Lin Zuo’s instruction!

Why does Lin Zuo value this new Bai family so much?

It seems that in the future, we have to flatter the new Bai family.
On the side, Li Quan smiled bitterly. He naturally knew why all this was. Bai Yi’s husband was the Xin Bai clan, not to mention Jiangnan. Who in China would dare to be disrespectful to her?

Lin Chentao and Zhu’s group of idiots will let go of such a great opportunity to become so prosperous.

“Thank you, Mr. Long, thank you very much!”

Bai Yi was also surprised, and shook Long Jiu’s hand heavily.

But at this time, Long Jiu suddenly noticed the extremely conspicuous coffin placed in the middle of the hall.

At the moment, his face was gloomy to the extreme, and he roared like a lion:

“What courage! Who gave the coffin?”

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