Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1477

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Chapter 1477

Hearing this, Chen Jinxing and others were relieved in their hearts. As long as Li Qiankun is willing to help, they don’t need to be afraid anymore. Ning Changkong was gone.

“Since you have found a helper yourself, then we won’t bother!”

“Zheng Honglian coldly snorted, since these guys plan to go their own way, then she is too lazy to be nosy…”

Right now, he plans to take Lin Fan away!

“Hurry up! Don’t bring a trash to embarrass you!” Chen Jinxing snorted coldly. Since the four masters can’t even find a decent guy, it’s obviously he is afraid that the blood prison has no status.

Naturally, there is no need to give them face.

At this time, Li Qiankun noticed Lin Fan and others.

“Especially when I saw Zheng Honglian, there was a nasty look in her eyes, and she asked:”

“Who are these people?”

Li The person Qiankun likes most is the beautiful milf, especially the graceful and luxurious milf like Zheng Honglian!

So at this time, it was a bad idea!

And hearing this, Chen Jinxing suddenly looked contemptuous:

“They are the forces from the south of the Yangtze River. They found a waste and thought they could deal with Ning Changkong. It’s ridiculous!”


Li Qiankun also laughed presumptuously, and then stared at Lin Fan extremely contemptuously:

“This kid has a frivolous footsteps and a messy breathing. If this kid is a master, I give him shoes!”

Even Li Qiankun said so, and the contempt in the eyes of Chen Jinxing and others became even stronger.

Sure enough, this guy is a waste!

“Just this kind of stuff, let alone Ning Changkong, I’m afraid even his disciples can’t beat him!”

Li Qiankun said with a sneer, with a condescending look looking at Lin Fan:

“It’s such a waste; it’s not worthy to even give me shoes! Let him deal with Ning Changkong, I think he’s going to die!”

“Yours words suddenly changed Zheng Honglian’s face, and now Zheng Honglian’s eyes were full of anger!

These guys have repeatedly insulted Lin Fan. This is simply looking for death, even they can’t stand it anymore.

Then, Li Qiankun looked obscenely at Zheng Honglian:

“Beauty, you want to rely on this waste to deal with Ning Changkong, is it too whimsical, right?”
“Well, stay with me all night, and I will kill Ning Changkong for you and protect your Bai family from worries, how about?”

In his words, he was extremely confident!
It is as if Na Ning Changkong is already his pallet fish.

“You… shameless!”

Zheng Honglian trembled with anger. As the mistress of the Bai family, she had never been insulted like this.

And aside, Ye Shihao and others are also extremely angry. The four masters are now one heart, and they are all shameful.

The other party insults Zheng Honglian, which is equivalent to insulting all four of them at the same time!

But at this time, Chen Jinxing and the others also smirked, and one after another urged maliciously:

“Zheng Honglian, it’s rare that Grandmaster Li is interesting to you, you can sacrifice it. Why not save the lives of the Bai family?”

“Yes, Grandmaster Li is also a famous hero, and staying with him all night will not count as condescending to you.”
“Do you have no physical needs if you have been without a man for so many years? Just like Grandmaster Li, who is strong and full of blood, you may be fascinated after tasting it once, and you can’t live without him anymore?”

“Becoming Master Li’s woman, who would dare to insult your Bai family in the future? This is a great gift. Is it possible that you really intend to rely on this trash kid to create miracles?”

All the big guys laughed and looked at Zheng Honglian playfully.

At this time, Li Qiankun also licked his tongue wretchedly, and was already thinking about how to play with this ripe peach tonight.


Zheng Honglian gritted her teeth with hatred, but did not have the courage to be an enemy of these big guys, so she could only look at Lin Fan as if she asked for help.

But Lin Fan on the side just smiled and touched his nose:

“I am indeed not a master!”


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