Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1490

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Chapter 1490

Seeing this, Xu Longxiang and others all smiled approvingly, and they also knew that nothing was more convincing than absolute strength.

At this time, Shaun Lin smiled indifferently, and threw a notebook on the ground.

“Here is a record of my special training methods for you. Whoever can last for a week is eligible to train under me.”

“I, Shaun Lin, don’t cultivate rubbish!”

These words are extremely arrogant, as if these elites are in front of them. In Shaun Lin’s eyes, there was a bunch of garbage.

Only with his approval can he be qualified to become his disciple!

This is also the pride of Shaun Lin!

He didn’t want his disciple in the future to be a wine bag and rice bag, which would embarrass him.

The warriors present all laughed bitterly.

At first they wanted to show Shaun Lin a little bit of color, but now they have to prove their strength in front of Shaun Lin.

After doing it for a long time, it was not that they looked down on Shaun Lin, but Shaun Lin looked down on them.

But at this time, Qin Xianzhong was already paralyzed to the ground, looking pale at Shaun Lin.

Seeing that he was here, Shaun Lin was taken aback for a moment, then suddenly sneered:

“Where is the soldier from here, why is the physique so bad?”


Upon hearing this, Xu Longxiang’s face suddenly became as ugly as it was. At any rate, the gathering today was a group of warriors, but when he saw Shaun Lin, he collapsed in terror and lost their dragon teeth.

At the moment, he questioned Kou Jianghuai with a bad tone:

“What’s the matter?”

Kou Jianghuai’s face was also gloomy:

“It’s the soldier under my hand, I’m sorry, you made the instructor laugh!” “

Kou Jianghuai originally looked good at Qin Xianzhong, but he didn’t expect Qin Xianzhong to be so embarrassed.

This immediately made him bald and disappointed in Qin Xianzhong.

Seeing the reaction of Kou Jianghuai and Xu Longxiang, Qin Xianzhong burst into tears. He knew that because of his performance, he was not eligible to participate in this legion match.

However, there is more to it!

When Shaun Lin heard these words, he smiled:

“This is just a face-to-face and I was scared and paralyzed. This kind of rubbish, I don’t need it in my team!”


Qin Xian was shocked as if he was electrocuted, and his whole body was completely stunned, and a deep horror appeared on his face.

Now, not to mention that he couldn’t participate in the legion match, he was afraid that he would be hopeless in his life.

Shaun Lin, this is to get him to death!



The reason why he pursued Elvira was for his own good future, but he did not expect that he would ruin everything about him.

This is stealing the chicken without losing the rice!

Kou JAC immediately nodded his head:

“Do not worry instructor, I understand what you mean!”

Then, he is coldly staring Qin Hyun Joong, ordered:

“!! Come to put this waste to bring me down”

visible !

After today, he couldn’t escape Qin Xianzhong.

But Qin Xianzhong knew that what he had to face was far more than just a simple responsibility.

That’s it!

This one is completely over!

He even dared to dig the corner of the new instructor’s teeth.


At the moment, Qin Xian hurriedly attacked his heart, raised his head and spit out a mouthful of blood, fainting himself.

All the warriors of Longya were also stunned at this moment.

Why is this scared and fainted?

Did Qin Xianzhong plant such a fool?

Everyone is unknown, so they looked at Qin Xianzhong with an incredible look.

However, Shaun Lin was still annoyed and said:

“Tsk tusk, how did this physique become a general?”

Xu Longxiang and Kou Jianghuai didn’t know why Qin Xianzhong was like this. They thought he was really in poor physique, so both His face flushed, and he felt more embarrassed.

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